New Beginnings

I started Pretty Thing eight or nine years ago, when I needed to focus on the lovely things around me in the world. I wasn’t feeling very full of loveliness, so I sought the comfort that comes from focusing on nice things. Over the years, Pretty Thing evolved from suggestions of products, movies, music, etc into something that resembled therapy, as I dumped my soul out on your screen, and worked through a metric shit-ton of issues. Quite the evolution!

The past 11 months have marked a very real change for me. Starting last October with my near-death experience at the hands of a nasty gallbladder infection, the introspection that naturally follows something like that, the election in November, the dramatic changes in this country I’ve chosen to reside in since…it’s just not the same. Nothing will ever be the same again.

So, it’s time to figure out a new reality – for myself, for all of us, and for the larger world as a whole. This is what’s going to happen around here: I will leave Pretty Thing up, I may drop something in from time to time, but mainly it will be here for archival purposes. There’s A LOT of stuff on here that I’m pretty proud of, and I don’t want to lose that – so Pretty Thing will stay…it just won’t be all that active anymore.

Instead, why not follow me on over to La Flâneuse, an endeavor of a new variety? If you aren’t familiar with the word ‘flâneuse’, it comes from the French verb flâner, which means to wander around aimlessly without destination not purpose….and it’s one of my very favorite words (right up there with the French word for grapefruit – pamplemousse – and farfadet, which is French for leprechaun). I love the feel of flâner in my mouth, but I love the act of doing it even more. For a lot of us who didn’t find our direction and purpose in life at a young age, the days where we try to work it out are a struggle – a beautiful one, but a struggle nonetheless. Society can be tough on those of us who wander, who try to find our way…goodness knows I’ve received more than my share of scorn and mocking by people I know because I’ve taken a path less traveled (she says in the understatement of the century) and I’m not done wandering yet. I used to think that once I found a long term job I would be absolutely happy, or once I bought a house all would fall together….but I wasn’t, and it didn’t. And I’m finally (finally) coming to the conclusion that it’s okay. That I’m okay. That I don’t need to apologize to the world for not playing the game correctly. That I know I will never please my mother – and it’s okay to not give a shit anymore. That I live to work, not work to live….hallelujah. Life is too damn short to fuss on the small things – it’s time to make more minutes of flâner in your day – and that’s precisely what I intend to do.

Anyway – it’s my hope that you’ll stop by and check the new digs out…and if you like it, maybe you’ll come back sometimes. Tell a friend if something strikes a chord within you – and if you disagree with something, tell me. I will always listen to you, as you’ve kindly done to me over the years….’cause that’s what friends are for.

See you soon.



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