God Save the Queen


Have you checked out the Netflix series “The Crown” yet? If not, you absolutely need to – it’s fantastic! The ten episode first series is said to have cost £100 million, a pretty penny for a television program. However, each episode is so visually stunning, so full of beautiful detail that the money was certainly well-spent!

The program covers the Royal Family from 1947-1956, tumultuous and exciting years as Princess Elizabeth marries Prince Phillip, and then becomes Queen. Even though many of us are familiar with the Royal Family and their history, you will still be riveted by the human aspect of this representation, as these monarchs who have become almost ‘characters’ to the public over the years are portrayed as intensely human, flaws and all. It’s really something when you consider the life of duty and service that these people have been born in to, and what a blessing – and a burden – that really is. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth, and she does an excellent job of playing a woman who is trying to balance her marriage and her young family with far greater responsibilities…shame on me for ever complaining about my own struggles with the equation of the work-life balance! 😉


The reviews of the program have been mixed, which is usually the case – that’s why I rarely listen to reviews anyway. I have thoroughly enjoyed the program – it has made me think an awful lot, which is kind of the goal of entertainment, don’t you think? I enjoyed Matt Smith’s portrayal of Prince Phillip, a man who has to step aside and let his wife shine…a lot of men would struggle with this one. I don’t know why it is so difficult for members of the species that pees standing up to let the women in their lives be in the spotlight – I just don’t get it. I don’t know why so many men – even today – continue to be threatened by strong women.


Just last week, a dear friend of mine ended her relationship with an idiotic man (in my humble opinion). I am sorry that their relationship didn’t work out, but frankly, in my limited knowledge of the man in question, I don’t think he was anywhere close to being worthy of her. As she and I have discussed the details of the breakup this week, I feel so sad for the pain she is feeling – especially since she feels as if this entire thing is because she is unloveable, as if there is something wrong with her. I know that to be false, because I know this girl very well, and I love her with all my heart (different, I know, but…still) – and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her at all. She is incredibly smart, witty, hard-working, ambitious, successful, beautiful, funny and charming – she is, to put it in the most plain and simple way that I can, the PERFECT catch. She refuses to settle for less than the best, and she will not accept shabby treatment from anybody in her life – which is, sadly, probably the reason that she is single. A lot of men are intimidated by her because she’s nobody’s fool, and for the less-confident penis-bearers amongst us, that just makes her a little too much to deal with. It’s totally their loss, if you ask me.

This is a problem that I can understand. I am nowhere near the catch of my beautiful friend…and I know that I can be a lot to deal with. I know that I am not the easiest person in the world to live with, I’m sarcastic sometimes, my mind never, ever shuts off so keeping up with all of that thinking is exhausting for most mere mortals. I’m a go-getter, and frankly I get pissy with those that aren’t as motivated because I find that I end up resenting them and their complacency – that looks like laziness to me! I’m insecure, and I like a lot of reassurance, which I know has pissed a lot of men off over the years. I have many, many more faults than those I’m listing here (I’m loathe to include the entire list in case you begin hating me), but trust me…it’s considerable. However, I am so worth loving. I know this. 🙂 I am a person who has a HUGE heart, I love big, I am generous to a fault, I care so deeply for those around me that there is literally nothing I wouldn’t do for someone I loved (Seriously – if you want to rob a bank, befriend me, get me to care for you and love you…and I will definitely drive your getaway car! 😉 ). But, as much as I know that I am worth loving and worth the trouble, there seem so few candidates who are actually up for the task. I think that’s where my friend has struggled – she hasn’t been able to find someone strong enough to be her man – just like Sheryl Crow sang about all those years ago. The similarities between she and I explain why we connected the way we did and became friends – and it probably also explains why the two of us have had a somewhat checkered past with the men in our lives. She has been MUCH more sensible than I have been over the years, but…I wear my heart on my sleeve, what can I say? 😉 It really does take a special man to love girls like us – someone who is strong, but not controlling; who is confident enough in himself to not be afraid to let us shine, aware enough to stroke our delicate egos and give us the reassurance we need; and someone who will support us in everything we do, be brave enough to call us on our bullshit when we are being assholes, and be able to laugh at/with us when we are being sarcastic windbags.

These men are out there, though – I promise you they are.:-) To those who love me unconditionally and answered in the affirmative to my Sheryl Crow question – thank you. 🙂 I love you, too. 🙂







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