Repost: High Quality

What qualities are important for you in a significant other? Do you value appearance? Personality? Sense of humor? Intelligence? Money? Status? While each of those qualities has significance to different people, the beauty lies in what unique combination works for you.

For me, the following are important: personality, intelligence, sense of humor, work ethic, kind heart, wit, appearance (but only in the sense that there must be a physical connection)…I value kindness, intelligence, work ethic and ability to communicate SO much. I had a boyfriend once who was incredibly attractive (incredibly), kind, and he absolutely worshipped me (bless him), but he was severely lacking in the intellect department…and it just didn’t work out. I realize how unkind of me that sounds, and I swear I mean no disrespect to him (I have nothing but fond feelings towards him), but he wasn’t able to engage my mind, which matters to me SO much. We parted as friends, and we’re always happy to see each other when we cross paths, but that flame wasn’t meant to burn for long, let me tell you! 😉

I find it extraordinarily hard to deal with men who lack ambition. I don’t know what to do with that. I have so much ambition (not in a crazy way – in a good way, I hope), I want to work hard, better myself, learn new things every day and make a better life for my daughter and I. I want her to grow up happily, never knowing the struggles I knew during my childhood. I want to be successful in my career and make my loved ones (especially my Wee One) proud. I want to be the best person I can be…and most of all, I want to be happy. It’s so funny – there is nothing I like to hear more from anyone than that they are proud of me. I imagine that’s the big ol’ people pleaser in me rearing its ugly head yet again, but….it’s true. Some of the most meaningful and memorable things I’ve ever heard have involved loved ones praising me for how hard I’ve worked and how proud they are of me. While I appreciate that SO much, I hope that some day I’ll learn to feel proud of myself, and I’ll learn to accept that and have that be enough. Hopefully someday 🙂


On a related note, I find it interesting to try to figure out what my best qualities are, and what I have to offer the world. I’m smart enough, incredibly hard working, funny (and not just funny looking!!), witty (I think) (I hope!!), fun, and hopefully not too hideous to look at. I know that my personality doesn’t necessarily match my appearance, and I kind of like that. I hope that people who meet me and think one thing of me based on what I look like are pleasantly surprised once they get to know me. I love that element of surprise 🙂 The thing is that I most want to leave people with the feeling that I am a good person, and I hope that I will leave people a little better off for having met me. I hope. 🙂

What do you look for in a significant other? Whatever it is that’s on your list, I sincerely hope you find it (or already have!) – I love people in love. 🙂



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