The One Moment

Rock geniuses OK Go have done it again and made music video magic – check out their just released video for “The One Moment” (click the link below):

OK Go Video

This video is cool, eh? Here’s some details from behind-the-scenes, courtesy of Rolling Stone:

“The One Moment,” which premiered today on Facebook, uses just 4.2 seconds of footage to make its point – the shortest amount ever filmed for a music video – and rest assured there’s a lot jammed into that blink-of-an-eye instant. A total of 325 discrete events occur in that time span, from exploding guitars to band members coming alive via flipbook. Those 4.2 seconds are then stretched out to the song’s full length, with some of the moments slowed down by 20,000 percent from real time. It’s a sleight-of-frame-speed that turns even the most minor movements into elaborately choreographed moments.

The clip took roughly seven weeks to complete, start to finish. While it looks like the product of one take, it was actually shot by several ultra-high-speed cameras affixed to robotic arms – the only setup that could handle taking in so much information in such a short time, although even that was a trick.


Be sure to check out the article for more details on how they filmed this one – and stop to let the whole song seep into your head. It’s a perfect visual embodiment of the fleeting nature of life, and how much can happen in just a very few seconds, don’t you think? I love it – it’s great. 🙂

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you are surrounded by people you love. As always, I’m thankful for each and every one of you – and I’m grateful for every moment we spend together. Happy Thanksgiving, mes amis! 🙂



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