Break Even

The news this week is saturated with word of yet another celebrity breakup – and it is nothing but sad, if you ask me. I’m not a fan of Brad nor Angelina, so I care very little about the state of their marriage. I think it’s unfortunate for their children that their family unit is moving in a different direction, but they will be fine. They have every advantage in life, and children with a whole lot less than they have come through divorce with flying colors. What I find sad is that we as a society think it is a-okay to discuss the intimate details of someone else’s life. It is absolutely NOT okay to do this. I know that a big part of the blame for this one lies with Brad and Angelina themselves, as they have paraded their ‘perfect life’ and ‘flawless family’ on the world stage for entirely too long…they mustn’t be surprised when people want to know more. However, I just wish that all of the media would stop covering this type of non-news, and focus on the stuff that matters: the state of race relations in the United States, the terrorism that keeps happening around the world, friggin’ ISIS and who will be the ones to shut them down, domestic terrorism…there’s a hell of a lot going on, and if we want an informed, educated society, we should be focusing on these issues, rather than whether or not Brad stepped out on Angie with Marion Cotillard (IMHO, there’s no way Marion would get herself into that kind of mess – she’s a classy broad, and has much better things going on for herself in her life than Mr. Pitt).



Do yourself a favor – step away from the tabloid gossip, and read some real news. Being informed and smart is sexy. 🙂



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