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Cheapest Guy Ever Buys Girl A Drink, Asks For Refund When It Goes Nowhere
Oliver McAteer Oliver McAteer
Sep 12, 2016

Liam Vipers: It’s our phrase of the week.

It means cheapskate. But not just any cheapskate — the worst kind. Worse than that one miserly mate in every circle of friends. Worse than the guy who never buys a round. Worse than the friend who earns crazy money and asks you to reimburse him $2 for that extra guacamole you drunkenly got on your burrito when you went out together the other night.

The absolute worst. The cheapest of skates.

Liam Vipers is all of these put together times 100.

He bought Abby Fenton a drink at The Viper Rooms, Sheffield, UK, the other week. Here’s Abby:


His intentions were unclear, but they exchanged numbers, so it’s likely he was after something more than a shouty, nightclub chat over a Jägerbomb.

A few weeks passed, but when it became apparent Liam probably wasn’t going to get anywhere with Abby, he billed her for the drink. I repeat: the drink. Not drinks. One singular drink, at the cost of £6.50, aka $8.60.

Here’s the unreal messages sent by Liam Vipers:





Could the guy be any more of an asshat? Doubtful! What on earth is wrong with people??! Is chivalry truly dead??! Must be. What. An. Ass.




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