Time After Time

I know exactly where I was 19 years ago today. I had driven out to my hometown for a retirement party for my school principal, where I spoke on behalf of his former students – I went on midway through their program, did my speech, had a few drinks, and then left to stay overnight at my mom’s house. Since it was a Saturday night (and since I was 23 years old), I turned on SNL to see who the musical guest was…I never found out. Instead, I saw the news that Princess Diana had been in a terrible car crash. I sat and watched the TV all night, even though the story didn’t change much with each passing hour…I just couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I couldn’t process that this beautiful mother, woman, and philanthropist was gone – and I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that her two beautiful children would grow up without her, undoubtedly the brightest light in their lives of obligation.


I visited London the following summer, and was there for the first anniversary of her death. I, too, went and placed flowers at the palace gates – and I sat for a long time thinking about what might have been for her and her boys. The thing that I was most hung up on at that time was the part that the paparazzi, and celebrity culture, had played in her death – it’s something I think about still. I hate that the media hounds people the way that they do, and I hate websites that try to benefit off the misfortune of others. I refuse to read most celebrity websites, and I’ve become very discriminating about where I do get my news and information. I can’t stomach the thought of another accident like what happened to Diana, nor can I stand to think about how the very lovely Neil Patrick Harris was outed by Perez Friggin-Hilton on his website. Stuff like that is such bullshit – and we as a society need to stop accepting this, and we need to say NO. While we’re at it, we need to say a rousing HELL NO to the Kardashians and their ilk – people who are famous for being famous. It’s a ridiculous waste of our world’s resources and brain power…and we just need to say NO. It is my fervent hope that if we ignore them long enough they will disappear back to the hole from whence they came…and our world will be considerably better off. (NOTE: They will likely be better off as well, living lives that are true and honest, and not staged for a bloody photo op)

Do you remember where you were when Diana passed away? There are a number of events like this in my life: the Challenger explosion, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11…I personally long for a time when we as a collective can discuss where we were when something truly outstanding happened in our world. Let’s get on that, okay? 🙂


PS: I pray that you are resting peacefully, Princess. Xxx


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