Love at First Sight

While working in my office this morning (yes, on a Saturday – the kids come on Monday, so there was last minute work to be done!), I was listening to Kylie Minogue radio on Pandora…and this song came on:

I had forgotten just how much I LOVE this song…it’s GREAT! 🙂 Shortly after hearing this, I took a break to waste some time online – and came across this:


It hit a chord with me for so many reasons…and the contrast between this image and the Kylie ditty, so full of hope and optimism – a bucketload of reality kind of landed with a thud on my head. I think that I have spent entirely too much time on the people that I should have been avoiding as they don’t always treat me well, when I should be chasing the feelings expressed in the Kylie song. How did I ever manage to get life so ass-backwards, my friends? I tell you….for a girl with an above-average IQ, I am so stupid about some things. Grr.

Moving forward, I think it’s time for more Kylie. 🙂



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