I don’t have a lot of patience for bullies – never have. I’ve been on the receiving end of more than my share of bullying – my Junior High/High School years had many wildly unpleasant moments at the hands of a couple of really shitty people (mostly just one – I have wished that bitch boils on her most sensitive of spots more than once over the years…I assume that I have been successful as she walks strangely – it’s either the boils, or there’s a pole rammed up her arse. I’m good with either option).


I’m 42 years old now (gulp)…you would think that my years of juvenile stuff like bullying would be a distant speck in the rear view mirror –  but sadly you would be wrong. During my professional career, I have been bullied on a number of occasions – which is absolutely so stupid, when you consider that I work in Education, an industry that is charged with eliminating bullying. Things have really kicked off again recently, and it’s getting out of hand. A teacher left my campus at the end of this past school year on his own accord – I was thrilled, as he was a person that I had worked with extensively because he struggled so much. He had some serious instructional problems, and wasn’t willing to make positive changes – his departure is a real great thing for our campus. However, following his decision to move on, he has taken to social media to broadcast a lot of his feelings and inappropriate stuff to his friends…who are not grown adults like himself; rather, they are current students, with a couple of former ones thrown in for good measure. His behavior is appalling, so unprofessional – and there is very little that I can do to make it stop. The Internet is amazing and has greatly changed my life – however, there are some parts of it that just need to go.



I keep telling myself that it’s his own stupidity and insecurity that are causing him to open his gaping mouth and let this shit fly out…but he is messing with the careers of myself and a teacher who works with me. You just don’t do that. He never had the noodles to express himself face to face – I guess it’s easier to be a coward and do this underhanded stuff that he’s doing now. It’s despicable.



It is taking everything in me to not drive over to his house and scream high holy shit at him – I know that will only make it worse. My only recourse at this point is to go through the proper channels, take the steps needed to handle this professionally…and trust in the process. I’m finding this hard, as the process I want to use involves a hockey stick and his kneecaps, but…I’m trying to have faith. I am also hoping that his repeated threats of payback are just a river of horseshit flowing out of his mouth, and not something that I need to seriously worry about. Think a good thought for me, okay? Thanks, friends. 🙂

How about we focus on some good stuff? Here’s something – read the story in this picture:



I like that a whole bunch – some people are just so cool, eh? And it’s a damn good thing…almost makes up for the tons or arseholes that walk amongst us. Do me a favor, friends? Be one of the cool ones. I’m pretty sure you already are. 🙂


PS: Food for thought:



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