Shaddap You Face


Why some people think that it’s okay to express their opinions whether they are wanted or not is completely beyond me – I don’t get it. Personally, I wait until I’m asked to offer my little nuggets o’wisdom up – and if I’m not asked, I keep my mouth shut. Why? Because I’m not pompous enough to think that the rest of the world gives a shit about my opinions – I figure if they want/need to know, they will ask. Until then? I shut up and keep it to myself.

However, I have noticed over the years that I am amongst the minority with this one…very few people know how to be quiet and keep their opinions to themselves. I don’t get it – but it’s absolutely true. Everywhere I go these days, it seems that someone I encounter feels it is their God-given right to spout words about what I’m doing/wearing/eating/drinking/being…and it’s ridiculous. What made them think that this kind of behavior is okay? I somehow manage to resist the urge to comment on their appalling fashion choices or charisma-bypass procedure, so why can’t they shut up about the width of my arse/my lipstick color?I don’t get it.


I believe in my heart that what other people think of me is absolutely NONE of my business. However, it kind of becomes my business when someone takes it upon themselves to tell me – and this is where things get tricky. Very rarely these days do people stop you to tell you how wonderful you are, or how clever and witty they think you are. I wish more of that happened – but sadly it does not. (NOTE: It totally should – there’s your homework assignment for today, friends – go find someone and tell them how wonderful you think they are. It’ll make their day. 🙂 ) Instead, what seems to be commonplace now is people giving you their unsolicited opinions about the things that you do wrong, or the things that they perceive to  be wrong with your appearance. Why? Many of them claim that they do this because they want to ‘help’ you – I call bullshit on that. They don’t want to help you. They want to somehow build themselves up by putting you down….and that is crap. All that this does is make you feel bad, and pretty much ruin your day. Gross.


Instead of going around ruining each other’s days, why don’t we celebrate the things that make all of us unique? How about we focus on improving the quality of our own lives, doing the things that make us feel so awesome that we don’t need to put anyone else down? I’m so on board with this idea…let’s all give it a shot, and see if we can’t get a movement going. Here’s a list – 30 Small Things I Do Every Day That Improves the Quality of My Life – to get you started:

1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea. The caffeine will help to give you a much-needed boost – and it is pretty delicious too!
2. Wake up earlier. Set your alarm to go off quarter of an hour before you normally get up. This extra 15 minutes will help make your morning less stressful, and you will able to have a more organized and productive day.


3. Clean out your email. Delete all of your spam emails and the ones you don’t need. Decluttering will make you more organized while helping you to keep on top of work.

4. Make a friend smile. Send them a funny video online, or text them to see how they are doing. Making someone else’s day is a sure-fire way to guarantee your day being great too.

5. Read the newspaper. Keeping up with world events will stimulate your mind and help you to gain new perspectives.
6. Hug someone you are close to. From your child to your partner to your sister, having a good old hug will improve your mood and mental state. This is also a great way to keep your relationships healthy and happy, too!

7. Have a quick tidy up if you have a few spare minutes. It will barely feel like tidying, but your mind will thank you for making the environment tidier and more pleasant.


8. Write a diary entry or a blog post. Many people find writing cathartic, and it can help you to process your own emotions and feelings. This is also a great way to keep your brain sharp!

9. Smile at the first stranger you see. This will put a smile on their face and leave you feeling warm inside!

10. Raise your heart rate. From a brisk walk to a session in the gym, exercise stimulates your body and mind, leaving you feeling generally more energetic and improving your mood.

11. Take a walk. Being outside will raise your mood and it can calm you down if you are feeling stressed or worried.
12. Carry a bottle of water with you. Water is one of the best drinks for your body, and it will improve your health, your skin and your mind – perfect!

13. Look through old photographs. Reliving old memories will put a smile on your face, and you will feel grateful for the wonderful people in your life.

14. Write down three things you are thankful for each day. This will help you to appreciate all of the brilliant people and things you have in your life.

15. Put some laundry on. No-one likes doing laundry, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is much better for your mind than the negative feeling of putting it off.


16. Read a chapter of a book you love, or a new book. This will help to both lift your mood and relax you – a twofer!
17. Have a meaningful conversation. After a day of work and chores, it is important to feel like your day was important and meaningful – and one of the easiest ways to do this is to sit down with someone interesting and chew the fat.

18. Listen to music. Put on an upbeat album you love, and after a few tracks you will notice yourself humming, smiling and dancing – all indicators of a great mood.

19. Light a candle when you get home from work. The appearance and smell of a candle will help you to relax and wind down.
20. Eat at least one healthy meal, with fruit and vegetables. The healthy food will give both your body and your mind energy – and you’ll feel great for choosing the healthy option.

21. Listen to something that makes you think. From the radio on the way home to a podcast you like, this will stimulate your brain and get your mind thinking about different things.

22. Do something nice for someone else. Mentally fulfilled people think about other’s needs as often as their own, and simply offering a co-worker a word of encouragement will help you to feel more positive.

23. Spend some time with the people you live with. From family to housemates, this will make you feel more connected to the people you share your life with – and it is a really fun way to wind down!

24. Have a drink you love with your lunch. Lunch can feel like a hurried affair, so make the effort to bring a drink you love to savour, whether that is a comforting latte or a healthy berry smoothie.

25. Do the washing up before you go to bed. The next morning will be much more pleasant and relaxed if you don’t have to start the day with yesterday’s chores.

26. Put on an outfit you love. If you feel great on the outside, you will start to feel pretty good on the inside too – trust me!
27. Speak to someone who lives far away. From your parents to a friend who moved away, this will make you feel proactive – and no doubt they will really appreciate you calling them!

28. Spend five minutes alone. If you feel life starting to get on top of you take a break and spend a minutes alone. After this reflection time you will feel noticeably calmer and more relaxed.

29. Take a long bath or shower before you sleep. You will go to bed feeling clean and relaxed, helping you to get a great night’s sleep.

30. Make sure you get eight hours sleep. Everything is more difficult and stressful when you’re tired – get a head start on this and make sure you are refreshed for a productive and fun day!


Good list, eh? Thanks, Lifehack! I highlighted my favorites in bold, but I think the whole list is a pretty good one. I think that it has become too common in today’s world to shit all over the people around us as a way to make ourselves feel better…which is  the absolute stupidest thing ever. If we focused more on making our own lives rich and full of happiness, we wouldn’t feel the need to stick our noses into the goings on of others. You do you, and I do me. It’s a beautiful thing, friends….let’s try. 🙂



PS: The next time you find yourself offering your unsolicited opinion to someone around you, stop and take a deep breath…think carefully about what you’re about to say. If your words could possibly hurt, just shaddup you face. 😉



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