This year is a time of tremendous change in this country. We are sadly saying goodbye to the Obamas (truly the loveliest family we have seen in politics in a LONG time), and ushering in a new administration – and a new era. There is a lot of unrest in this country at the moment: we are struggling  to figure out exactly which lives matter (the answer? All of them.), we are experiencing more and more gun violence with each passing day, and terrorist attacks that previously seemed so far removed and just ‘something that happened on the other side of the world’ are happening in our own back yards. Some things seriously need to change – both here and abroad. People need to be respectful of each other, regardless of who they are and what they look like. People need to be respectful of themselves, and behave like responsible citizens of the world. The government needs to get its poop in a group and quick when it comes to gun control…no regular Joe Public needs to own a semi-automatic weapon. They just don’t. We need to value education, integrity, women, and opportunity – and it is clear to me that there is likely only one candidate running for President who can potentially make that happen. I generally try to avoid writing about politics here – not because I lack an opinion (hah), but because I try to focus on other topics. However, I received this video today – and it’s way too important not to share:

I know that the majority of you who read New Pretty Things are female, or you know and love a female – and you cannot convince me that you are okay with these statements shared above. It is truly frightening to think that a man so vile and reprehensible has his fingers that close to the button that could change the world forever more. This man cannot become President – he.just.can’t.




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