Elephant Song

The news has been saturated with negativity and violence for far too long – so imagine my joy when someone shared this story with me:

Whether you’re a parent, or an overgrown child, we’re sure you can relate to the gut-wrenching sadness of losing your favourite toy. The one who’s been there with you through thunderstorms, injections and that pretty horrific bout of chicken pox you had in Year 2.

So when a little boy lost his favourite elephant toy and was inconsolable, a family friend took to Reddit to ask users to help out.

And boy, did they help out.

He posted the below pic in the Photoshop Battles thread, saying: ‘Friend’s son lost his favorite toy. Parents said the elephant is traveling around the world. Would love to share images of his travels with the son.’

The lost elephant

image image image image image image image image

Random internet people with a talent for Photoshop created a ton of images of the toy elephant, all over the world…so unbelievably adorable. The time that people took to do something so special for a little boy who lost his best friend….it just touches me big time. I LOVE this so much – it’s a good reminder that the world isn’t all bad stuff, and that there are an awful lot of really great people out there. 🙂

My heart is fuzzy. 🙂



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