Black and Blue

The things that have been happening in this country this week have been devastating. It’s hard to turn on the news each day and hear of more people hurting each other senselessly. The violence has absolutely got to stop – but yet, it doesn’t. I’m afraid of what is to come next, for I believe that we are nowhere near finished with all of this mess.

I’ve struggled to articulate what I think about all of this, as none of it makes a whole lot of sense. There are people of all colors in my life that I love, and police officers that I love…and I don’t want to pick a side. However, this is what the media (in particular social media) is trying to force all of us to do: are you a #blacklivesmatter person or a #bluelivesmatter person, every second post asks? Why does it have to be one or the other? Can’t we be both? Let me let Jon Stewart explain it:


Good, right? The two ideas are not mutually exclusive, and not to be glib, but this situation is no simple black or white matter….there is an awful lot of gray in here. I agree with Trevor Noah, as well:



I want to turn on the TV in the morning and hear stories of people getting along peacefully. I want to go to bed at night without hearing that some asshat has taken shots at the San Antonio Police Department headquarters. I want to never spend another evening like I did last Thursday, watching a horrific scene like the one in Dallas play out before my eyes on CNN. I want to know that all of the officers that I know can go to work and back home at night safely. And I want to know that everyone I know, regardless of what color their skin is, will be just fine as they make their way through the day.

This nonsense must stop.



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