I’ve dabbled in yoga for about 20 years – sometimes I go to classes, other times I practice at home…but I’ve kept it going relatively consistently all these years. I require a lot of modifications when practicing yoga – I have a really serious (and miserable) problem with my left arm, which impacts my ability to do the poses that require me to put a lot of stress on that part of my body. However, I always manage to get something meaningful out of my practice, and I believe that there have been some health benefits to this. The thing that I need to do to really kick it up a notch is consistency – I need to work on it at least five times a week, I think, in order to really feel the difference.

Fun fact: I can do every one of these poses except for one...any guesses???! ;-)
Fun fact: I can do every one of these poses except for one…any guesses???! πŸ˜‰

To look at me, you would probably be surprised that I’m into yoga – I’m not skinny, which is often what people picture when they think about yoga enthusiasts. I can only imagine what I look like when I’m downward facing dog with my big ol’ arse up in the air…but I don’t care even a little bit. I do worry about farting mid-class (who doesn’t?), but not a lot I can do about it. Farts are fun, and they make the room warmer. Let’s be comforted by that, shall we?

This card hangs on my fridge...I think it's delightful :-)
This card hangs on my fridge…I think it’s delightful πŸ™‚

I signed up for a web-based class that has been such a game changer for me – 28 Days to Yoga Bliss, presented by Caley Alyssa, world-renowned yoga instructor and quite possibly the most serene and beautiful woman to ever teach an exercise class. Each day, I watch her videos – they are between 7-15 minutes long, and they are the perfect introduction to all aspects of yoga. While I am familiar with a lot of the pieces of a well-rounded yoga practice, a refresher like this is a good reminder of some of the more holistic aspects. Once I watch her video and do my activities each day, I immediately roll into another practice, and keep it going for about 45 minutes – which is a lot for me…I don’t have a ton of free time, but making minutes for this has been important to me. I am so thoroughly enjoying the challenge of doing her lesson every day, and my enthusiasm for that makes it easier for me to move right into the other videos that I do. It’s having some positive effects, I think – my body feels better (and not so tight, despite the amount of time that I’ve had to spend sitting at work lately…which I HATE), I am definitely sleeping better (hallelujah!), and I think my mind feels a little less cluttered. I’ve had so much stress in the past 15 months or so, and I have really been working on fixing that situation. I’m saying no a whole lot more at work (talk about liberating! Holy shit!), I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin, and I think my mood is starting to improve. I’ve always been a generally positive person with a pleasant outlook, but the upsets of recently have caused some massive damage to me – I need to reboot, regroup, and refocus on the good things in life, and heal myself. You bring in what you put out, so I need to get to putting out a good attitude…and sit back and watch the good tidings roll in! πŸ˜‰

Anyway – if you are interested in having a crack at yoga, I HIGHLY recommend the 28 day primer to get you started. It’s easily manageable, and a great way to start your journey. Have fun – namaste! πŸ™‚



PS: This class is offered through MindBodyGreen, an EXCELLENT resource for all sorts of topics that may interest you – as well, they offer coupon codes and discounted courses all the time, so…keep checking back! I’m waiting for an offer to use on a course called ‘Aim True: A 21 Day Journey to Find Your Purpose, Ignite Your Passion, and Love Yourself’. Methinks it’ll be just what the doctor ordered! πŸ™‚


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