This is brilliant – and so.friggin’.true. How many times do we as women dull our own sparkle so as not to intimidate those around us? That is crazy thinking…and it needs to stop happening.  Think about this:

I nearly throw up when I think how many times I have pretended not to know something, or tried to downplay my accomplishments because I wanted somebody else to like me, like a big ol’ raging dumbass….and why??!?! Why on earth would I even want to spend time with someone who didn’t think I was awesome? Such an idiot….thank goodness I’ve moved on from that crap thinking.


You’d be surprised how many people out there will want to put you down and dull your shine…the very people that you often count on for love and support. I don’t deal with this phenomenon terribly well – I get pissy and then it’s on, which is never a good thing. Instead, I should focus on not getting angry and just do me…that’s really all that matters, eh?



Today is National Best Friends Day – be sure to call your friends and let them know that you love them. Let them know that you will make it through this life with them by your side like this:


And remember, when it comes to dulling your sparkle for anyone:




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