Getting To Know You

I came across an article last night on getting to know someone else and LOVED it – it looks like a fun game, whether you are doing it with a potential mate or a friend….let’s have a go, shall we? (Here’s the article, if you’re interested)


60 get to know you questions that matter

These questions can be a laugh, but it’ll definitely help both of you get to know each other a lot more in no time.

#1 Are you an animal lover or would you avoid keeping animals at home? I’m an animal lover – I wish I could keep cats (the Wee One is allergic, so no dice), and we have a muppet dog named Wiggles. He’s cute. 🙂

#2 Do you like summer or winter? I’m a summer girl all the way – I do like winters here in Texas as they are so mild, but…my days of snow and -40C are behind me for good!

#3 Would you diet or would you work out? Honestly I would rather do neither! I struggle to find the time and willpower for both of these things, but…I’m trying. Slowly. A bit of balance between the two is the way to go, don’t you think?

#4 What do you wear to bed? Generally these days it is a nightie of some sort, although I have been known to wear yoga pants and tank tops when it’s chilly in my room. 🙂

#5 What’s your favorite clothing brand? Hmm…I don’t really have one, but if I had to choose, I would say INC from Macy’s.


#6 When was the last time you cried? Yesterday – I was in a shitty foul mood, and I began obsessing about the job that I won’t be getting…and the tears just wouldn’t stop. Stupid thing to cry about, I know.

#7 Which color reflects your personality and why? Pink – it’s bright and cheerful, as I usually am (or try to be). 

#8 In the animal kingdom, which animal would you be? Dolphin – I’m far more comfortable on water than I have ever been on land.

#9 Do you like tattoos and body piercing? I absolutely do – I have seven tattoos, a pierced tummy button and a pierced tragus. I would like more tattoos – I love them!

#10 How much PDA is acceptable? I like some PDA – hand holding, hugs, regular type kisses…I do not enjoy seeing other people with their tongues down each other’s throats and their hands down pants – that’s just unnecessary. Gross.

#11 How often do you take a shower? At least once a day – sometimes twice, depending on how friggin’ hot it is here.


#12 What are your favorite magazines? My favorite magazines of all time were Sassy and Jane, but sadly those are looooong gone. 😦 I do most of my reading online these days – I’m working on de-cluttering!

#13 What are your favorite books? The Stone Angel (Margaret Laurence), all Shakespeare stuff, all of the Harry Potter books….I could go on and on – I LOVE books!

#14 What’s your favorite movie? 13 Going on 30, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, The Wedding Singer, Reality Bites, Argo…I rarely don’t like a movie.


#15 What’s your favorite music you’re listening to these days? I like pretty much anything – I’m a die-hard lover of Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, Pink, Coldplay, Robbie Williams…again, I rarely don’t like music. 
#16 What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? This is a quandary – I can’t pick just one! I like wine, I love gin & tonic, vodka and OJ is nice, rum and Diet Coke, Molson Canadian beer is a delight…I’m a really easy-to-please girl!

#17 What’s your favorite vacation idea? Bali Bali Bali – I want to go SO badly!!! I hope that this happens for me someday – I have worked hard in life, I think I deserve it! 🙂

#18 What’s your favorite food? Sushi, seafood (especially mussels!), crepes, Texas BBQ

#19 Who’s your favorite actor? Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, 

#20 If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it? Absolutely not – I would turn it in. The chances of me being the poor soul who lost the briefcase full of money are high, so…turning it in would be the right thing to do.

#21 Are you religious? I think I’m spiritual more than religious. I have all sorts of beliefs, but I’m not necessarily a fan of organized religion due to the hypocrisy that seems to surround most traditional churches. That sounds awful to say – I don’t mean to be disrespectful.

#22 Are you a gizmo person? Yep – I love gadgets and gizmos a-plenty! 


#23 What kind of sport do you like? I like hockey, soccer (football), basketball, swimming, golf, diving, Olympics sports…most sports. I do not enjoy American football.

#24 Clubbing or candlelight dinner? Candlelight dinner ALWAYS.

#25 Earth Hour or Fourth of July fireworks? I like fireworks a whole lot!

#26 Backpacking or a luxury hotel? Luxury hotel all the way!

#27 Christmas or Halloween? Christmas


#28 Are you a morning person? I absolutely am! I love being awake early in the morning. 🙂

#29 What’s your philosophy in life? Do unto others, be nice whenever possible, try to leave things better than you found them.

#30 When was the last time you were happy you lied? I have to tell lies at work all the time in order to preserve the feelings of those around me – and I usually feel pretty good about sparing hurt feelings. 

#31 What comes to your mind when you think of your exes? I think of some of them fondly, others I think that they would be best with a fork rammed between their eyes. My feelings about them run the gamut!

#32 Are you an introvert or an extrovert? A bit of both, if that’s possible. I am extroverted when I need to be, but I also require quiet time to myself.

#33 What’s your idea of romance? I want someone who makes an effort – they call, they make the time to see me, they put in some effort into our relationship…this is something that I’ve not really experienced in life, as it is ALWAYS me who puts in the bulk of the effort. I want someone who does things for me to help me out – simply because they love me and want me to be happy. DISCLAIMER: By things, I mean stuff like taking out the garbage or changing a light bulb, not whisking my arse off to NYC for a glam weekend – although that would not be turned down, either!

#34 Would you like to live in the countryside or in a metropolitan area? Metropolitan area, probably – it makes life more convenient.

#35 When did you lose your virginity? 16

#36 What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex? Eyes, chest, hands


#37 What’s the wildest thing you’ve done sexually? I don’t really know how to answer this one….as one’s interpretation of wild can be another’s Tuesday night! 😉 How about we go with park benches and a can of whipped cream….

#38 Do you think money can buy happiness? No, it can’t  – but money can be convenience, which would make life so much easier, thus making me happy. 🙂

#39 The world would be a better place if…? I was put in charge? 😉

#40 Do you have any social causes that are close to your heart? Yep – I support Alzheimer’s research, as I am terribly afraid of going through what my Dad experienced…and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

#41 What do you do over the weekends? On Friday nights, I am either working at an event or I try to go out and do something. Saturdays I do yoga, grocery shopping, chores at home – and I nap. I spend Saturday afternoon and evening with my Muppet, cuddling and loving on her. On Sundays, we try to spend the whole day together doing anything we like – and I sneak in another nap! On Sunday evenings, I’m getting ready to go back to work on Monday, and watching mindless TV – it’s a good way to wind down the weekend.

#42 Would you mind if I had a best friend of the opposite sex? Nope!

#43 Which was the worst phase in your life? I’ve had a few — it’s hard to pick a worst as I try to think that a lot of positives came out of the darkest of days, so…it wasn’t all bad. 🙂

#44 What was the happiest moment in your life? The day my Wee One was born! (And every day since)

#45 Do you judge a book by its cover? I really try not to – because I don’t want people to judge me. I hope that I am more than what appears on my surface!


#46 What’s your political stance? I think that I lean more towards the liberal thinking of the Democratic Party in this country – although I do think that the US political system is a farce this year!

#47 Do you watch porn and what’s your view on it? I do – I take it for what it is, I don’t watch anything violent or anything that I find offensive…and I think that it’s fine when watched in moderation (and more fun when watched with someone).

#48 Do you believe in karma? I certainly do – that’s why I try to put good stuff out to the world, hoping that good stuff will come back to me.

#49 Do you plan your life or live for the moment? I’m a planner, I can’t help myself – I REALLY wish I was more of a life for the moment kind of girl, but sadly I am not. I’m a planner, I like a plan (even if it doesn’t come together as I had hoped)…and I am fully aware of what an annoying trait this must be!

#50 Do you think life is fair? I don’t, no….not at all. If life were fair, things would be so different.

#51 If you were marooned on an island, what are the five things you would take with you? Something to make fire with, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (to ensure that I’d always have something to read), a never-ending supply of Chapstick, a tool of some sort — and someone else. I would go NUTS if I had to live out my days  alone!

#52 Would you sulk or would you confront? I’m a confronter – I approach everything and everyone in a very direct fashion. I don’t like to beat around the bush.


#53 Are you addicted to anything? Hmm…I don’t really think so, thankfully!

#54 Any current news that’s caught your attention? The shit-show that is the Republican Party these days.

#55 What are your favorite apps that you use often? I do the NYTimes Crossword every day on their app, I play Candy Crush too much, Word Press (of course), the Amazon Fire TV Remote app…and of course Yahoo and GMail.

#56 Are you an optimist or a pessimist? I believe that I am almost always an optimist – and I’m working on taking the word ‘almost’ out of that sentence.

#57 What do you have for breakfast? Today I had a brisket taco – I usually have cereal, though. I love cereal. Yum.

#58 How often do you make your bed? Every single morning, as soon as I step out of it.


#59 If you knew you were right, would you take a stand even if you know you would make a scene in public or would you let it go? I’d take a stand – I don’t know how to let shit go, sadly.

#60 What’s an absolute no-no in a relationship? I would appreciate someone that was faithful to me, honest with me, communicated well with me – and thought that I was the greatest girl around —– anything else would not really work for me, I’m afraid.



Fun stuff, eh? Do you feel that we’re starting to know each other better? Hope so!!! 😉

Happy Friday Eve, friends! 🙂





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