To Make You Feel My Love

My very favorite food is mussels, specifically Moules Marinières, and I would happily eat them every single day of my life if I could. I love them THAT much. I learned how to make this amazing dish in the summer of 1996, at a restaurant in Brussels, Belgium. I went to eat at a lovely, quaint restaurant not far from my hotel. I ordered the Moules, and was absolutely DAZZLED by the amazing, simple meal that I was served. They were extraordinary, and I was sure to let my server know just how very, very much I had loved my dinner. He and I chatted at length before he ran back to tell his chef how much I had enjoyed my happy little Moules. The server came running back a moment later to let me know that the chef wanted to invite me back to his kitchen to teach me how to make his recipe. I was ecstatic, and put on the apron they provided lickity-split…and worked in the kitchen with him for the next three hours. He demonstrated his technique, and then was kind enough to let me practice by preparing dishes for the many guests that passed through the restaurant. It was one of the most fun – and delicious! – nights of my life!! I loved it so much – and I have made that same recipe over and over again, hundreds of times over the years…and they turn out perfectly every single time. Gorgeous. 🙂

I loved that trip to Brussels, and have been back 5 times since (it’s a great city full of wonderful people), which is why what happened there this week has hurt my heart terribly. My thoughts are with the people of Brussels – I will never understand people who claim to do things like this in the name of whatever God they believe in – no God that I know would support such horrible actions. And no God that I know would celebrate people who carry out these devastating events. They are not martyr heroes, they are stupid, selfish, hateful beings who need to direct their anger and upset inwards, towards themselves…and leave the rest of this beautiful world alone. I don’t need to tell them to go to hell – I’m pretty sure that God (or whoever it is running things upstairs) will have already taken care of that.

Adele sang a song for the people of Brussels last night at her show in London – it’s pretty, check it out:


Send some love to the people of Brussels – we can’t let hatred win.



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