True Love

Love Month starts next week – most people (myself included) think of February as Love Month because of Valentine’s Day, when really, we should try to make every month Love Month, and celebrate loving those around us all the time, don’t you think? Anyway, in anticipation of the start of Love Month (I’m really into this, can you tell?), I give you the sweetest story EVER:
How He Keeps The Relationship Alive Every Single Day Will Move You

While many men and women dream of enjoying a romance like the one found in The Notebook, the truth is that the relationship between Noah and Allie Calhoun is fiction. It’s nothing more than a fantastic storyline thought up by Nicholas Sparks. However, the good news is that relationships like theirs do exist in real life.

Meet Jack Potter and his wife, Phyllis. Their story is every bit as good – and, in fact, greater – than the fictional love story portrayed in Hollywood.

The two met in 1941 at a wartime dance hall and quickly fell in love. “I remember it like it was yesterday the first time I met her – she came up to me and asked me to dance,” Jack told Daily Mail. A mere 16 months later, the couple was married.

Jack then documented every bits of their life, the holidays they took, and even their daily conversations in the diary.


Jack and Phyllis have been married for more than 70 years and Phyllis now suffers from dementia. In order to keep their relationship alive, Jack visits her in retirement home on a daily basis and reads her excerpts from the diary he’s kept for the past seven decades – just like Noah does in The Notebook. They laugh, reminisce, and even steal a kiss every now and then.


And while times haven’t always been easy, their love has flourished as a result of one simple decision: Choosing love every single day. “Phyllis means everything to Jack,” said a manager at the home where she resides. It’s clear that – even though she may not always realize it now – Jack means everything to Phyllis, too.


I’m not going to lie to you…this story had me straight up boo-hooing like you would not believe. How amazing is this, eh? I am so touched by the fact that this man kept track of their lives like this in the first place (which is so friggin’ romantic that I’m swoooooooning), but the vision of him cuddling his beloved and reading to her just busts my heart wide open. Love this so much. 🙂 These two are adorable…and yet, I can’t even get a man to call me on the damn phone. Hmmm…..


What’s your favorite love story, my friends? Send me a note about it – I’ll be waiting. Let the swooning begin! 🙂




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