Quick! Take a look over this:




I found this through Lifehacker (which is great) – and I think it is an AWESOME! There are so many great ideas there  to improve the quality of your life, to emphasize the importance of a life-work balance, and to dip your toe into the pool of self-care. I LOVE this – these are all things that I seem to be working on naturally on my own…I’ve just never seen them all stuck together in one super-cute infographic like this before! Yaa! 🙂

I’m going to invest in myself today – I’m away from work, jumping in to some professional development for ME (instead of arranging and delivering it for others all fo the time). Yaaa! Which thing from up there are you going to work on, friends? 🙂



**DISCLAIMER: While this image comes from , a website about cosmetic surgery, please note that I am in no way endorsing this type of thing – I think you’re awesome as you are! 🙂 I just love the idea of improving lives and happiness. 🙂 **


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