Written in the Stars

I received an email from Refinery 29 this morning with my horoscope for the week – behold:


Relationships aren’t exactly a walk in the park this week, Aries. As the week begins, the moon and rebellious Uranus align in your sign making you wonder why you even bother with other people sometimes. And even the ones you DO love may seem to be interrupting you from your personal quest. On Wednesday, the self-centered sun and Mercury retrograde mash up in your relationship house and a battle of the egos could ensue. While you’ve never been one to back down from a fight, be careful about taking such a combative stance. Rather than battling for supremacy, try an unconventional tactic: asking questions and listening. This doesn’t mean you’re agreeing or colluding with your so-called nemesis. But Mercury retro’s penchant for scrambling signals could be the culprit of the clash. Turns out this could all be one big misunderstanding.

Partners from your past could pop up this week, too. Some of these reunions will be downright refreshing, reminding you of the person you miss being. But others could be nothing but trouble, so be careful about opening the door to exes and frenemies who really haven’t changed. This weekend, give your inner circle priority. A close friend or relative might need some extra help, or just the mood-boosting pleasure of your company. Host an intimate dinner party or meet your BFFs for brunch. You have a lot to get off your chest, Aries — more than you even realize.


This is absolutely HILARIOUS, and far too spot-on for comfort. I have spent a lot of time lately wondering why on earth I bother with a whole bunch of people and situations, and marveling at how many people have zero respect for me and my feelings….’cause it’s all about them. Always. It’s been frustrating, to say the least. 😦 I’m intrigued by the reemergence of peeps from my past, though…I wonder who it is???! 🙂



PS: I don’t really buy in to all of this horoscope stuff all that much, but there are moments when things are frighteningly real – plus, it’s cool and gives me something to think about. I’ve too much on my mind these days, so a fun reprieve is always appreciated. 🙂


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