Walk Of Life



Have you seen the Funny or Die video featuring the lovely Amber Rose doing the ‘morning after the night before walk of no shame’? If not, click up there…and prepare to laugh. This video is AWESOME!!! 😊😊😊 (excuse the odd smidge of foul language)

What’s even better is the idea behind this one – I am sick to death of men who have sex with whoever they want to whenever they want to being considered heroic, while women who engage in exactly the same behavior are dirty sluts and filthy whores…I simply don’t get it. If I fancy going out and having a bonk, then I should be able to do that without someone calling me the town bicycle. I bloody well should be celebrated for making a decision about my own body and how I choose to use it — and so should every other girl. And guy, too. That video is awesome!! 🙂

Let’s claim the walk of no shame, girls…let’s strut and own that shit. Woohoo!!! 😘❤️😘



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