I Believe

This picture was waiting in my inbox this morning:

image image
If you can’t read the text (the picture copied weird – sorry), here’s what it says:

When I look around, what I see doesn’t represent me. I deserve more, I’m ready to share the spotlight. It’s time to see a change, to see a body like mine on a billboard and in magazines. I’m sexy, spirited and stylish with nothing to hide, worthy of being seen just as I am. It’s time to represent because my voice is one of many and I want to live in a world where we are all seen and celebrated. #PlusIsEqual It’s time for change, be part of it.


Isn’t that an awesome way to start a day? I thought so, too – I could not agree more. Hallelujah, sisters! 🙂 #curvyanddamnproudofit


Happy Tuesday! 🙂



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