Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. I straight up LOVE her, and think that she – and her amazing work – are everything. Love her. I watch “The Mindy Project” religiously, and am SO excited for the new season. I love the completely adorkable personality of her character Dr Mindy Lahiri, and I’m well aware that should I wake up in a sitcom tomorrow I would probably end up being pretty much like her: well-intentioned, at
times clueless, in possession of the cutest and quirkiest wardrobe ever, somewhat scattered but very awesome. 🙂


Mindy was on Howard Stern’s show this week talking about the season premiere (it was on Tuesday on Fox – I can’t wait to watch it this weekend!). I’ve not heard the entire interview, but I did catch bits and pieces, and I will listen for the rerun this weekend. What I did hear was brilliant, though, especially when Howard was asking her about her love life, and expressing surprise that she’s still single. She answered with quite possibly the very best answer EVER: “I’m a handful….I don’t think I’m for everybody.” Profound, eh? I have said this exact same thing about myself in the past – I’m a handful, and I’m certainly not for everybody….and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mindy went on to explain that her career success has required her to be really forthcoming with people, asking for what she want, and being very independent of spirit – while great traits for career success, not always the best for relationships. Holy shit do I get this!!! I am always telling people what I want at work, expressing my opinions, and stuff like that….but I know that’s hellaciously annoying to a poor unsuspecting man. It’s hard to find that balance, eh?


I love this for about 15,621 reasons, but for this one most of all: she is who she is and she makes zero apologies for that. None. Zip. I love it. Of course, this type of unapologetic confidence is probably somewhat beyond me (I’m Canadian, I apologize for EVERYTHING, whether it’s my fault or not), but I love the idea of being who you are and owning that. Becoming more comfortable in my skin has been my favorite part of getting older – I make my own decisions these days based on what I want, not on what some potential theoretical man that I may have in my life at some point in the future might think, which I did for WAY too many years. For example, I used to stick exclusively to blue and green for bedroom colors and sheets, figuring what dude will be down with pink??? However, thankfully I’ve come to my senses and decided to do what I want: see Exhibit A –





That’s right – bright pink wall, ridiculous pink sheets (that are insanely comfortable)…and a disco ball on the ceiling. My bedroom? A den of fabulousness. I work such long hours, I don’t get to be home a lot, and I have really embraced the idea that my home needs to be my sanctuary, my happy place. I think I deserve that, don’t you? 🙂 I’m working really hard these days on making some changes to my home, and making it reflect who I am now, and the environment that I want to spend my time in. 🙂 I know….I’m a handful. 😉 But I think Mindy would approve. 🙂



PS: Mindy wrote this in her first book – it’s awesome, and SO true:



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