I Can’t Make You Love Me

Do you remember the Bonnie Raitt song I Can’t Make You Love Me? I think that is one of the most heartbreaking songs that’s ever been because it is so bloody true. There is absolutely nothing you can do when someone doesn’t want you or want to be with you….and that is just so hard, don’t you think? I spent my break today listening to three really cool women bemoan the fact that the objects of their desire didn’t return their feelings. Sad trombone!

Have you ever been pursued by someone that you were not interested in? I don’t necessarily mean that the very thought of them fills your mouth with bile and has you running for the nearest pot to pray to the porcelain god (although I’ve certainly experienced that feeling – more than once, sadly…but my all-time favorite comes in the form of a person whose number is stored in my phone to this day as Jackass John, just to make sure that I NEVER pick up the phone should that dumbass call – which still happens from time to time, even though A LOT of time has passed, and I’ve made my lack of interest abundantly clear. Holy for long sidebar – sorry)…you know the people that you’re sure are probably quite nice, but just not for you. It doesn’t matter what they do, how they do things….they are not your cup of tea. And there’s nothing wrong with that!!! There are some who won’t respect your decision and will try to make you feel badly…People who try to make you feel guilty for not being into them are absolute arseholes. Don’t be a bully and try to make someone like you, either. Just say no to being an arsehole. Just. Say. No. Be yourself…unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn. 🙂

Words to live by :-)
Words to live by 🙂

One of the hardest things you’ll ever learn in life, my little crickets, is that sometimes there will be people who just aren’t that in to you. I know….it shocks me, too. Why wouldn’t every person in the world spend their leisure time building shrines in your honor because you’re faboo? I think they should. 🙂 However, once in a while you will come across someone that doesn’t return your affection, and your happily ever after disappears like a wisp of smoke. Poof….gone. How do you handle that? If you are me, you sit at home, drinking Pinot by candlelight listening to the aforementioned Bonnie Raitt song and feeling sorry for myself…like a larger, less attractive version of Renee Zellwegger in Bridget Jones. However, not a lot of good comes from that approach, so I don’t recommend it. What I do recommend is that you think about the people that you’ve not been interested in and how you realllly hoped that they would just get over it, move on, and quit texting you pictures of themselves that look like pedophile mugshots. (Fun Fact – I have received a TON of these over the years. If you ever want to be both frightened and tickled at the same time, ask me to show you. Good times!! 🙂 Important note: men – do not send Richard pics. Even when we like you and think we might be in to you – Richard pics aren’t that awesome. Trust.)

So….back to you. You know what you need to do? Get over it. Does it hurt / suck when someone doesn’t want to be with you? Sure does. Will it kill you, though? Not likely. Just put on your big girl panties and put one foot in front of the other….and you’ll be fine. I promise. 🙂

Come over and drink Pinot with me, if you want….I’ll show you those pictures. It’ll be fun! 😉




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