My Little Deuce Coupe

So….I bought a new car today! Yaaa!!! Her name is Ruby, she’s very lovely and oh so sexy…I kinda have a total girl crush on her. 😉 She’s a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SE, and she’s pretty great so far. The story of how we found each other is cute – I started car shopping for reals last December, and had focused my efforts on a Toyota Corolla. I had owned a Toyota before and was happy with it, so I figured I’d stick with it. I liked the Corolla a lot, but kept hesitating – partly because I wanted to be prudent about the money, and partly because I felt hesitation in my heart ♥ for an unknown reason. Over the months, I’ve researched Jettas, thought about it, and kept coming back to it – even though I didn’t know why. This morning, I woke up and decided to go and test drive one – I researched online to see which local dealer had the exact model I wanted. I showed up there, and very specifically let them know what I wanted to drive. As soon as I pushed the accelerator, I knew I had found my car. It was that easy. When we returned to the dealership, I entered the negotiation part of the experience – which, to me, is slightly worse than having a rectal exam by Captain Hook. The man I was negotiating with was pulling all of the usual car sales tricks, but thankfully I had a few of my own….and we came to an equitable deal within an hour. However, I walked away. I wanted time to think – and I wanted them to know that I’m serious, and not someone they will want to mess with. I am woman, hear me roar. 😉 Also, one of the finance guys made a dreadful mistake when we were negotiating – I balked at some numbers, and let him know he’d have to do better than that, and he replied with, “Dear, do you want to go call your Dad?” I asked my very nice salesman to get someone else as I refused to work with anyone who would speak so patronizingly to me. Jackass. Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with my new purchase, the deal I made, and the fact that I did it myself. Yaa me! 🙂 Here’s Ruby:

Isn’t she pretty?? Loooooove her!!!! 🙂



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