I Believe

This is pretty much what I believe and how I choose to live my life:

Beautiful, eh? I love this – and I try to live it every day. I think it’s really important to model this kind of thinking for my Wee One as well, and I had a great opportunity to really show her earlier this week. I picked her up from school in the middle of the morning to run her to an appointment downtown – getting to see her in the middle of the day was a huge treat! 🙂   As we were parking, I noticed an older couple struggling with the parking payment machine. Although there were some other people standing around watching them, I felt compelled to ask if I could help – they explained that they had stuck their credit card into the wrong slot on the machine and that it was wedged inside and stuck – and yes, they’d be grateful for the assistance. I noticed that the gentleman was wearing a Team Canada Olympic hockey hoodie exactly like one that I have – I asked if they were Canadian, and they were (from Edmonton); I told them that I hailed from Manitoba, and then plunked down on the ground to figure out how to get their credit card out for them. While I used my keys to work on loosening the card, they chatted with the Wee One – and still the other people just stood there, taking this all in. Why they didn’t offer to help, I don’t know…whatevah. I had the card nearly out but was going to need some Tweezers to finish the job – happily, they were traveling by car and had some in their luggage, and we had the card out in no time! 🙂   I helped them with retrying their parking payment – we realized that part of the problem was that this machine didn’t accept their Canadian credit card. I happily paid their $10 parking fee for them, and gave them their ticket – and set about the business of paying for my parking. The man tried to pay me, but I didn’t want his money – if you can’t do a good deed for your fellow man, then what is the point in being alive, eh? However, he insisted – and gave the money to the little one, who didn’t know any better and was excited to add it to her Paris fund piggy bank. 🙂   We thanked them, and headed on our way – but before we got too far, they called out to us again and asked for some directions and help. They wanted to see the Riverwalk and the Alamo, of course, so we walked them over to the edge of the Alamo property, and showed them where the stairs to the Riverwalk could be found. I also pointed out a bunch of other sites to them, recommended the river boat tours, and some excellent lunch spots in the downtown area. As we walked and chatted, we shared some details about our lives with each other, and they invited us to join them for lunch – however, since we both had to return to work/school, we politely declined and went on our way. As we walked away, the little one loudly declared, “We make friends and bring joy everywhere we go!” She’s right, you know – I kind of do make friends and speak with people in my travels, and I’m happy that she’s learning to do that as well. This is so important to me – even though we live in a huge city, we can treat those around us like they are our friends…remember, strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet! (*Don’t worry – she understands that she isn’t to speak to strangers on her own and she’s well-versed in Stranger Danger rules and practices)

This type of encounter would have been pretty commonplace in my hometown in Canada – I remember sitting in the local watering hole with some of my girlfriends once (20 years ago, in fact…where the hell does time go??! The years pass by, and yet I look no older – mysterious! 😉 ), when a young man walked in and tried to order a drink – in French. The woman working the bar was not a French-speaker, so she called me over to see if I could help. I introduced myself, translated his order, and then invited him to come and sit with us. His name was Stéphan, he was from France, and was on an agricultural exchange for the summer in a nearby town. He’d been so busy on the farm since his arrival in Canada that this was his first night out. He sat with us all evening, practicing his (very) broken English, and I filled in the blanks with he and the others at the table. He asked if he could see all of us again, so we gave him our numbers – and then proceeded to spend the summer taking him places, showing him the sights, teaching him how to golf (one of the most hilarious things you could ever imagine)…it was great. 🙂 There was no great love affair between us – it wasn’t about that (even though most of my girlfriends thought we were doing ‘le shag’ on the daily); it was about being kind, helping somebody out, and doing things to make someone else’s life better. And you know what? There’s nothing better than that. 🙂

That picture up there is really on to something, don’t you think? Next up for me: Be courageous and wild at heart. Look out, world!!!!! 😉



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