I’ve been known to gush a few million times about my Wee One – she’s a sweet, happy little Muppet, that kid….and every day I marvel at the fact that she’s mine. You’d better sit down and get comfortable, friends….it’s time for bragging Mama to hit epic proportions for a few minutes. Yaaa! 🙂

I’ve mentioned before that she was taking part in the Ballet San Antonio production of “The Nutcracker” this holiday season – she auditioned a few months ago, and was chosen to be a little angel in the show. Since then, we’ve gone to rehearsals once/twice a week, every week; we’ve attended portrait sessions for individual pictures in costume and group portraits of all of the angels in her cast; we’ve taken part in every Nutcracker activity going…the schedule has been rough. Since the week before Thanksgiving, all of the rehearsals have been taking place at the historic Majestic Theatre here in San Antonio – one of the most gorgeous venues that I have ever seen, but a pain to get to due to the parking, etc. However, we persevered…and the show went on. 🙂 A whole bunch of shows, actually – the Wee One has danced in 5! 🙂 Last night was her final show -and, instead of volunteering and working backstage, I bought a ticket, sat in the audience, and was absolutely dazzled. What a beautiful production!  🙂 The costumes were gorgeous, the San Antonio Symphony accompanied the show, and they were fantastic – the choreography and the dancing were just incredible…it was a beautiful night! 🙂 At the beginning of the 2nd Act, a wee little angel emerged from the right of the stage, doing this elegant, gliding walk….and my heart just about burst with pride. Smile on her face, serenely moving towards the Sugar Plum Fairy….she was beautiful! 🙂

At the end of last night’s show, my Muppet had been chosen to present the flowers to Sugar Plum – she had on a beautiful holiday dress, and looked like a little doll. I was worried that she might get shy and panicky about the whole thing – I needn’t have given it a thought, she owned that place! At the end of the show, she emerged from the wings with a smile on her face and a big bundle of flowers in her hand, walked gracefully to center stage, handed the flowers to Sugar Plum, did the most beautiful curtsy you ever saw in your life, smiling the whole time….and exited across the stage. As I sat in the audience in tears, I was overwhelmed by the collective “Awww….” that emerged from the 2000+ people in the theatre – it’s one thing to think your kid is super-cute, but quite another when so many others agree. She looked like a tiny doll, and she was just so sweet. I hope that she never forgets last night, and that experience…it was so lovely! 🙂

There’s a strict NO PHOTOGRAPHY rule with this production – but I do have a few images to show you, courtesy of the official photographer for Ballet San Antonio and a really, really kind Dance Mom who helped my girl in the wings and took pictures of her doing the flower presentation for me. I think this nice lady could easily step in to the role of angel herself….I can’t tell you what her kindness has meant to me! 🙂 



It’s overwhelming sometime to think of how far my baby girl has come – she was born a preemie and was ever-so-small, she’s been plagued with health issues her whole life, her food allergy situation is friggin’ dreadful….and yet, she’s grown up into this amazing, sweet, talented little lady. She’s kind, funny, and brings so much joy to everyone she meets – the beauty of her spirit is overwhelming to me….and I’m so lucky to have her. 🙂 Yaaaa Muppet!!!! 🙂

There is one show left of the Nutcracker  – 2:00pm today, at the Majestic Theatre in downtown San Antonio…if you have a moment, check it out! It’s BRILLIANT!!!! 🙂


PS: Three cheers to all the professional company and staff of Ballet San Antonio – they were so kind to all of the tiny dancers and their nervous/clueless mamas…I appreciated their kindness so much! 🙂



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