Breakfast At Tiffany’s

On Saturday night, one of my friends from work and I went to Painting With A Twist for a great night of drinking, laughing, and painting – it was AWESOME!!! Even though neither of us won the Tiffany pendant they were giving away, we had a fantastic time! Painting is so soothing for the soul…I can’t even tell you. If only I had some talent!  😉 Here are some pictures from the evening:

The original piece that we were working from 🙂
Drinking JD always helps with the quality of the painting! 🙂
Early stages 🙂
Ta-dah! My finished product!!! 🙂

Fun, eh??? Yaaaa!!! I get so unreasonably excited when I do this….it’s ridiculous!! 🙂 I mentioned above that we didn’t win the Tiffany’s pendant they were giving away (boo! hiss!) – but I’ve been doing some window shopping online at the Tiffany’s website and have found some lovely things you might want to put on your Christmas list!!


Elsa Peretti for Tiffany ring


Tiffany Bow Earrings


Tiffany Bow Ring


I hope you’ve made Santa’s Nice list this year!!! Come to think of it….I hope I have, too!!!!! 😉




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