Baby Please

Politeness and manners are going the way of the dinosaur or the 8-track, I fear…and it absolutely breaks my heart. I’m not the most formal person in town – I can fancy it up when necessary, but I highly doubt anyone will ever take me to task for being overly classy or formal. However, as laid back and casual as I am, I do value manners and politeness…I just think it’s so important. It appears that I am one of the few people who feel this way lately, which has got me blowing on the sad trombone even more!

Here’s an example for you: I’ve written previously about getting a new job – Yaa!!! I finally started my new job full time this past Monday – and, while on duty, a teacher from the neighboring school (we share some facilities) approached me to talk about my new job. While I anticipated a polite inquiry about how it was going, I was in no way prepared for the inquisition that I got. It was really close to those interrogation scenes from the Katherine Bigelow film “Zero Dark Thirty”, minus the waterboarding…but just barely. He was basically trying to establish whether or not I was qualified – which, as far as I’m concerned, is none of his damn business. His incessant line of questioning was rude, intrusive, and completely out of line…and the strange thing is that the stupid buffoon repeated it four times! Four! Rude!! Clearly I’m qualified, or I wouldn’t have been selected for the position! Ludicrous!!!

The scene of a recent act of kindness 🙂

Sadly you don’t have to look far to witness the decay of manners and politeness that I’m talking about…but, magically, sometimes the examples of great people and politeness are just as plentiful. I was working a school football game recently – it was quite a warm, humid night, and I was standing on concrete for about five hours…not the most comfortable of places to be. In the middle of all of this, a city police officer that was working the game very thoughtfully went and got me a bottle of cold water, handed it to me with a smile and told me to let him know if I needed anything else. Awesome, eh? I hadn’t asked for it, nothing…he was just thoughtful. I wish there were more people like that around, don’t you? 🙂

Think back to all the times you’ve witnessed a random act of kindness, and remember how beautiful and fuzzy it made you feel. Now please go out and do something sweet and kind for someone else – pass that feeling on. 🙂



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