Girl From The North Country

My back! 🙂

I talk about being Canadian A LOT – I’m one fiercely proud northerner…it is such a big part of who I am (check out the maple leaf tattoo on the top of my back if you need further proof). It doesn’t matter where I travel or live, I will always be a straight-up hoser from Canada, eh. 😉 I have made attempts to hide my accent over the years, but I can never sustain it for too long (especially when I’m excited), so I’ve pretty much given up on that. I’m always talking about famous Canadians, and at times I fear that I sound like Rose from “The Golden Girls” with her St. Olaf stories…except mine revolve around my beloved hometown of Lundar (home of the big goose). 🙂  I love few things more than sharing great stuff from home with people I meet – there are a whole ton of Texan students who dream of Ketchup Chips at night, having tasted the delightful delicacy when I’ve brought some back from a trip home. I have turned many folks on to poutine over the years (soooo good), and I know that even though my friends may object, they secretly love Stompin’ Tom Connors almost as much as I do. 🙂 O Canada!!!! 🙂

Honk honk!! 🙂

Somebody from home sent me this today, and I can’t stop laughing:



Did you figure yours out yet? Mine is Short Moose Sausage (heehee – thank goodness I’m not a guy – that would be dreadful!)…my Mom is Snowy Hoser, and my brother (coincidentally an RCMP officer) is Hot Mountie. How perfect is that??! 😉

Mmmmm…..poutine 🙂


Happy Friday, friends! 🙂



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