The Cold Hard Truth

I read this awhile back on Rookie – and I cannot get it out of my head:

Most girls I know (of any size) dress for themselves, not anyone else. I give zero fucks what people think of my outfits. Sorry I’m not sorry you don’t like looking at my cellulite—that sounds like your problem, not mine! Suggestion: look at something else. And I’m sure some women (again, of any and all body types) are dressing to get attention. And guess what? That’s OK too! It may not even be for the reasons you think.

Isn’t that powerful? The writer of this is absolutely right – criticism and harshness from others absolutely is their problem…it sure as hell isn’t mine. The fact of the matter is that we are all different (thank the lord for that), and that there is such beauty to be found within our differences. Who was it that decided that super-thin bodies were the only ones who could be considered beautiful? Fuck them – if you ever find out who that asshole is, give me their name and number and I will leave a bag of flaming dog shit upon their doorstep. All of us are beautiful – thin, curvy, big, small, short, tall, and everything in between…and the things that our bodies can do are so abso-freakin’-lutely powerful and amazing…we need to worship all of our bodies as the glorious temples of awesomeness that they are. Do I wish that my arse was littler, my tummy flatter, and my thighs thinner? Yep, I do. Not because I give two shits what people think of my appearance, but rather because I have this fabulous pair of pants that I want to fit into that don’t sit right on me anymore, and they aren’t available to purchase in a bigger size these days. Boo! Hiss! 😦

There have been many times when comments that people have made about my appearance have hurt my feelings – I’m human, and I get hurt just as much (if not more so – I’m a rather sensitive, delicate flower a lot of the time) as the next person. The only comments that hurt me are those that are made by people who I care about, and the ones that are supposed to love me but still think it’s okay to criticize my appearance are the absolute worst. I don’t know why some people feel that this kind of talk is okay – it most certainly is not. When I look at the people that I care about, I don’t see their imperfections and shortcomings and things about them that I wish were different – because, to me, those don’t exist. What I see is a beautiful heart, a kind soul, and a gorgeous mind – and I honestly believe that every word out of my mouth to them needs to reflect those sentiments. They don’t need to hear anything negative out of me – just like I don’t need to hear anything out of them. Here’s the thing – I have eyes, I can see myself, and I know what I am. I don’t need someone to remind me that my arse could be littler. I already know that. And if someone is going to judge me and deprive themself of my very awesome company because the size of my arse is somehow offensive to them – well then I hope the door doesn’t hit them in their arse on the way out. That kind of attitude is neither needed or appreciated – and I don’t have time for it. I’m simply too busy being fabulous. 😉



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