Colors of the Wind

This morning, the Wee One and I went to a painting class together, and it was AWESOME! 🙂 We went to a studio in San Antonio called Painting With A Twist, and it was such a positive experience – we can’t wait to go again! 🙂 The picture that we chose to do was called Candy Heart, and their version looked like this:



Pretty, yes? Our wonderful instructor Cristina (and assistant Rachel) was fantastic about encouraging us to use our own color choices and be creative with how much color and highlighting we wanted to include. We took pictures as we went along – here’s a few of the in-progress work:





Now….the finished products! 🙂





Aren’t they lovely??! So much fun! 🙂 Afterwards, we went to one of the Wee One’s favorite places for lunch – Z Tejas – followed by a shopping trip to Sephora.

The rest of the day will be spent swimming, picking a dear friend up from the airport, and just hanging out and being best friends. Weekends with my Muppet = The Best Times EVER!!!! 🙂


If you’ve ever thought of attending a painting class like this one but hesitated because you fear you lack artistic ability, please get in line behind me..and put your fears aside and GO! 🙂 Give it a shot!!! It’s absolutely the most amazing, fun way to relax…and it’s really just so awesome the feeling you get when you’ve created something! 🙂 Loooooooove this!!! I can’t wait to go back!!!!! 🙂

Thanks Painting With A Twist! 🙂



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