Good Things

Happy Friday, friends! 🙂 I hope that you’re having a great day – I wanted to share a couple of great things with you that are making me smile today! 🙂


First up…Maid of Honor and all-around AMAZING chick Jennifer Gabrielli delivered the best toast to the bride of all time by rapping her version of an Eminem song to her sister and new husband in California last Saturday. This girl is FABULOUS!!! 🙂 Love her!!!! 🙂





Next, we have the latest video from the darlings at PS22 and their special guests The Muppets! 🙂 Their version of The Lumineers ‘Ho Hey’ is beyond adorable – yaa! 🙂 (if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you need to runnotwalk to the local Emergency Room, because clearly you have no soul and you’re going to need to see someone about that)




Finally…there is this:



That’s strawberry jam. Made with these hands. 🙂 Yep, you read that correctly…I made jam. 🙂 Pretty proud of myself here, friends. I’m not terribly domestic (she says in the understatement of the century), but goodness gracious do I try! 🙂 It doesn’t taste too badly, either…woohoo!! Yaaa me!!! 🙂


Happy Friday, mes amis! 🙂 Anything exciting planned for your weekend? 🙂



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