All These Things I Hate…

…and a few that I love 🙂


When I wrote about the whole Mercury in retrograde thing earlier this week, I was looking for something to blame my current funk on. It seems easier to find something planetary to be the cause of it rather than my own shit getting me down, don’t you think? Anyway, in the spirit of things that are currently irritating me, here’s a list:

-the fact that no matter how red the lipstick is that I buy, that shit ALWAYS turns pink when it hits my mouth. WTF, people???!

-the fact that nobody seems to want to go out of their way to spend time with me or talk to me or anything…I am always the one putting in more effort, I bring the enthusiasm, and I am always the one making the first step and doing all the work. I’m sick of it. I want to seek refuge in my house until the world starts coming to me. (DISCLAIMER: this is probably not true, but it sure as hell is feeling like it these days) (grr)

-the fact that even when I put SPF45 sunscreen all over my body, I STILL end up with this situation on my shoulders following a measly hour  in the Texas sunshine:


-the fact that I really want a teeny tattoo on the underside of my right wrist (I would prefer it on my left, but that’s my jacked-up arm and is likely to undergo more surgery in the not-so-distant future, so…I need to steer clear of that bad boy), but because of my occupation I need to avoid the wrists. That sucks, folks. 😦

-I had better quit now, while I’m still sort of ahead…considering my recent funk, I could probably rant and rave for hours about things that have been pissing me off. (idiots! stupid people! toxic fuzzy caterpillar looking things on my doorstep! telemarketers! people who write cryptic status updates on Facebook and don’t fucking explain what is going on because they want the whole world to rush to them and ask but they don’t deserve the concern because they are being douchebags!)



And now for some things that I really, really like (lest you think me a negative whinge-bag):

-these pictures of Marilyn Monroe’s wedding to Arthur Miller…I have always been so drawn to her and her unapologetic way of living her life. She lived big, she loved big, and made zero apologies for it – my kind of girl. 🙂 Look at how gorgeous and happy they look – dammit but I love that. 🙂




-sangria – I love love LOVE sangria and can’t get enough of that stuff. I need need to make the pilgrimage to Espana here in San Antonio (near UTSA) for some of theirs…it is a miraculous elixir, guaranteed to rid you of most things that cause you irritation and funk – and the stuff they make at La Gloria at the Pearl Brewery ain’t too shabby, either! 🙂 (Fun Fact: sitting outside at the bar at La Gloria is AWESOME – the atmosphere can’t be beat, and the bartending staff is amazing! 🙂 )


-sushi always makes me happy – here’s some I had recently:

-and finally…the fact that I am hell-bent and determined to make strawberry jam next week! 🙂 I have made it a few times about 20 years ago (when I was a wee lass of 5 years old…imagine….going to all that work by myself…. 😉 ), but haven’t attempted it since – and I have one hell of a hankering for homemade strawberry jam! I just went online and ordered some canning supplies from Amazon (I don’t know why, but ordering canning supplies makes me feel like Martha Stewart and a hipster from Williamsburg, Brooklyn all rolled into one …how nutty is that??!), and I am anticipating having a couple of days off work next week (woohoo! because I am a BEAST at setting up online testing and I will have the job done hella early!!! Yaaaa me!!!!)…so jam-making is on! I will keep you posted! 🙂


You know what? Ranting and raving about stupid shit up at the top followed by a few things that are making me happy really did the trick…once I read over the happy stuff, I realized how dumb the hatin’ at the top was – and now I’m feeling better. Apparently I am living by my new adage:



I’m going to order a sign version of this from Etsy this weekend to hang in my office…it fills my wee heart up with buckets of joy, it does. 🙂


Happy day, friends! 🙂



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