Living Doll

 My Wee One’s birthday is this coming Tuesday, and to celebrate we went to Houston for a day of fun at the American Girl Doll store on Saturday…what an amazing place!  🙂 She’s had her American Girl Doll for about a year and a half, and she absolutely adores her. She is a HUGE fan of wearing matching clothes with her doll/stuffed animals, and she likes to style her hair – typical little girl stuff. 🙂 She was beside herself with excitement about our trip, and I’m happy to report that the experience did not disappoint! 🙂 Here’s what we were up to:

The store entrance
Waiting inline at the dollie hair salon
Marie-Grace in the salon chair getting her hair done. Notice the cape! 🙂
Our table at the Bistro 🙂
I was tickled pink by these flowers! 😉
Her dessert sampler – everything is gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free! 🙂 Thanks American Girl Bistro! 🙂
She and her doll Marie-Grace in front of the Marie-Grace and Cécile showcase 🙂
The Wee One and her two dollies – Melissa and Marie-Grace. You see that smile? That’s pure joy. 🙂 Love!
We thought this doll’s showcase was pretty 🙂

Going to this store is a once in a very very long time treat – but it was worth every penny spent and every moment of the drive all the way there and back…that child was so full of happiness and joy that my heart damn near burst. 🙂 We had her doll’s hair done at their hair salon, they pierced her ears, we had a beautiful lunch at their Bistro where our wonderful server Oscar and all of the guests sang Happy Birthday to her, we shopped and let her choose a new doll that looks just like her, she picked out some new outfits for the dollies…it was completely over-the-top, magical fun! 🙂 They had a craft class in the afternoon (the Wee One made a bracelet), and she also took part in a fun Scavenger Hunt – the store really knows how to give their guests a great shopping experience. It was a really fun day for a little girl – and I am SO glad that I got to give that to her. 🙂

Now…if only they had a similar thing for me with shoes and purses! 😉



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