The Look

I need a new look. I’m tired of looking the way that I do, so…it’s time for a change. Look over to the right to see my avatar of what I look like now – did you see me? Yeah…I know. Not a lot there to work with. However…time to forge ahead! Let’s brainstorm some changes, shall we?

First off – my hair. Ickity-ick ick ick. I hate my hair – and I have pretty much every day of my life. I can’t seem to do anything with it. I hate everything about it. I have it long because it’s easy for me to do and takes a whole lot less time than short hair does (really), but…I just don’t know anymore. Here’s some hair that I do like on other people:




I like retro-vintage style of makeup, but…I don’t know that I can really pull it off. Here’s some samples of what I’m talking about:




The first problem for me is learning how to do this (because I generally suck at make-up, which you undoubtedly know if you know me in real life), and the second issue is whether or not it’ll look any good on me! Any suggestions, friends??! 🙂

My whole bottom line here is this: I need a change. I’ve felt in a rut for a long time – partly with my appearance, partly with the rest of my life in general. I am still fighting the urge to pick up and move somewhere else (I swear, I seriously doubt that my wanderlust will ever go away), and because of my responsibilities, I can’t quit my job to ‘follow my dreams’ (being a grown up sucks sometimes). I’m really limited in what I can do and what changes I can make – but my appearance? That I can change. Please cast your vote above, and send me lots of suggestions…let’s shake things up! 🙂


PS: Any arm chair psychiatrists out there care to speculate what my burning desire for change says about me???! 😉


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