Sharp Dressed Man

I spent part of my weekend tucked up at home fighting a rotten allergic reaction to something – and, in the spirit of making the best of being homebound, I hit the DVR and had a “Mad Men” marathon. This show continues to entertain and delight me, and I find myself more and more relating to the characters and storylines…which is really something, since our lives are so different. Who can’t relate to Peggy and her ambition and desire to make a life for herself? Or Betty (as freaking annoying as she is) who is struggling with her passing youth and fading beauty? Don Draper and his never-ending quest for happiness? The man seems to have every single thing that could possibly be wanted in life, and yet he wants more…do you know that feeling of always reaching for more? I sure as hell do. How about Joan (oh, Lord, Joan is so gorgeous), who fights to be taken seriously despite the fact that all most people see when they look at her is not her whip-smart mind but her beautiful face and splendid tatas? There is so much meat to this show, not to mention the kick-ass theme song and incredible visual style of the show…no wonder it’s always such a winner! 🙂

Speaking of “Mad Men” style, here’s some of my favorites for you to check out:


This gorgeous dress, available on Etsy, is fantastic, and screams “Mad Men”, don’t you think? 🙂 Love! 🙂


This frock, from Unique Vintage is sexy as hell, oui? 🙂


I love Mod Cloth, and this bag is beyond awesome, and I do believe that it should be mine forever more! 🙂


These shoes are to die for! Love!!! 🙂


I’ve often felt that I was born in the wrong time, that I was meant to live during the 1920s in Paris, or perhaps the 1960s in New York. Did you see the movie ‘Midnight in Paris’? I think that I would have been perfectly at home in the lifestyle of the 20s in Paris, with all of the writers and artists and drinking and smoking and conversations about the meaning of life, etc…I can’t imagine a place or time where I would feel more able to be myself. Same thing with the 1960s as represented on “Mad Men” – I could so be down with working in an office like the ad agencies shown on the program…in fact, I am constantly campaigning at work to bring in the whole concept of ‘day drinking’ to our workplace 😉  – I, for one, would be SO much more productive and pleasant to deal with if I could partake in some cool, soothing wine throughout the day, and I’m pretty sure that everyone would be a whole lot more relaxed and less intense (a real bonus during testing season!) – heehee! 🙂 I love the fashions of these two eras, and, while the role of women in society and the workplace at those times was somewhat troubling and not as advanced as it is now, at least the roles were clearly defined. Everyone knew what was expected and where they stood – and that’s not always a bad thing. Now, before you go ape-shit on me and call me the anti-feminist, I am SO not. I believe that women can do anything they want to do – and that is perfectly great. What I am referring to is that there tends to be so much confusion and ambiguity and uncertainty these days – we want to believe that women are treated equally, but put on my heels, bra and panties for the day, and see how that works out for you. We aren’t treated equally – not even close – and society pretending that we are is disillusioned and ridiculous. I believe so strongly in equality for everybody, but we don’t have it – and we are still a mighty long way away from that reality. I wish every single day that we were all viewed the same, but alas, we are not – and the part that really sucks is society pretending that we are. Until the day comes when the whole men/women thing isn’t even brought up in conversation, it will always be an issue…sad, eh?

I don’t want to end this post with a bummer of a societal observation, so let me offer you these last bits of awesomeness (both looks courtesy of Unique Vintage):


Main Image


I am currently accepting Unique Vintage gift cards as tokens of your appreciation – message me for the correct mailing address! 😉


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