Shiny Happy People Part 3

Welcome to the third in my series of “25 Things That Made Me So Happy I Want To Pee My Pants” – this week has been a really tough one for me, with some long, hard days at work and some stressful disappointments away from work, so I need the joy that comes with making one of these lists BIG TIME. 🙂 Without further ado, let’s do this:


Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee (they just opened a new store right near my work and I honestly don’t know if it would be possible for me to be any happier than I am. My dear friend picked up coffee and a Boston Cream donut for me yesterday, and, in that moment, I think my heart actually swelled and I loved her even more 🙂 )

Acronyms like FUPA, because they are hilarious and foul 🙂

Yorkshire Terriers and my Wee One – look at this picture and tell me that life isn’t pretty damn great sometimes 🙂

Willie Nelson – he turned 80 on Tuesday, and I celebrated with beer in his honor. He’s just as cool as ever – may we all be as hip when we’re 80! 🙂


“Silver Linings Playbook” – released on DVD/Blu-Ray on Tuesday, sitting on my table waiting to be watched as I type this. I looooooove this movie so much and can’t wait to watch it! 🙂

The Rain – it’s been raining in San Antonio this week, and things are looking green and gorgeous! 🙂

Time Capsules – I’ve never been part of one of these, but my darling friend in Canada has, and I think it sounds like awesome good fun! 🙂 Now.. what shall I put in mine????! Ideas and suggestions are gratefully accepted! 🙂

Mindy Kaling – everything she is and everything she does fills me with joy 🙂 I love her! 🙂

The fact that there is one month left of school! 🙂 Bring on summer! 🙂

Panera’s Fat-Free Superfruit Power with Ginseng Smoothie (Superfruit power puree blended with organic plain Greek non-fat yogurt and boosted with ginseng)  – this thing is AWESOME!!! 🙂 So delicious, and it tastes like a happy spring party in your mouth! 🙂 What an awesome way to commence your day! 🙂



The VH1 show ‘Off Pitch’ – this show has me totally dazzled…it’s both awful and absolutely cheese-tastic and fabulous, all at the same time! 🙂 I loooove it!!! 🙂

Spring Flowers – I bought these for myself last weekend and they’ve made me happy all week. 🙂 It’s the little things, friends. 🙂

Red VW Beetle Convertibles – I want one. Badly. Anybody fancy giving/loaning me $10,000? 🙂

People with good intentions who say what they mean and mean what they say – and they don’t blow smoke up your arse, either. Love those people. 🙂

Canadian Model Justine LeGault -and the fact that her simply STUNNING self is on the cover of Elle Québec…and she’s a size 14/16. Gorgeous! Read about her here. Yaa!!! 🙂

The Comedy of Amy Schumer – her new sketch show ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ premiered on Comedy Central on Tuesday, and I quite liked it. Check it out! 🙂

The pride that comes from standing up for yourself and doing what’s right, regardless of how hard it is. Go on with yo’bad self, friends! 🙂

 This video on YouTube – this guy’s wife got drunk one evening and decided to tell him a joke. He recorded it and then animated it…and it’s a riot! (of course, it’s a ridiculously corny joke – exactly my favorite kind!)

A pouffy petticoat like this one (courtesy of my spirit animal Betsey Johnson) to wear under my dresses, and around my house (because what better idea is there than swanning around mi casa in this fluffy thing??!):



Jimmy Choo Perfume – it smells like I imagine sex with an angel to smell…and that sounds like a hell of a good time, don’t you think? 🙂

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum, 3.3 oz



 My office at work is full of paintings done by the AMAZING Texas artist Linda Calvert Jacobson (who also happens to be my friend and one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet!) – it is impossible to be anything less than EXTREMELY HAPPY when you are working in an environment full of these: 


My Wee One made this picture for me…and, during a week like this one when I’ve decided that nobody loves me and everybody hates me and I will die alone in a shanty-town shack with a pot-bellied pig as my only friend – there is nothing better than this. 🙂


The sight of little children holding hands

The smell of movie theatre popcorn. And bacon. Mmm….

This picture of cuddling panda cubs 🙂

Panda cubs cuddling with each other



Making this list has helped – I would like to share with you a list of things that are currently pissing me off (it would be rather long and spirited, as people have been really shitting on me this week), but…that kind of defeats the whole purpose of accentuating the positive. So…in that spirit – I will end on this good note: happy Friday, my beautiful friends…even if you don’t make a list of all of the things that make you deliriously happy (and in need of adult diapers), that you at least think of those things and recognize the importance of them in your life. 🙂 Being happy = AWESOME!!! 🙂



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