Please Come To Boston


This is a prime example of what is right in this world. As things went down in the city of Boston this week, my heart grew heavy as yet again innocent people died at the hands of fanatical jackasses with their own agendas. Why these people don’t just leave and go somewhere else if they hate this country so much is beyond me…and, if people have ugliness and misery in their hearts, why can’t they seek help or deal with it themselves rather than hurting the innocent around them? The whole thing makes me sad.

But things like that video up there (and every other video of the kids from the PS22 Chorus singing), and stories of the dogged determination of the law enforcement in Boston this week – and the amazing people of Boston themselves – do much to restore my faith in humanity. We mustn’t let a few bad apples spoil the barrel – we mustn’t let them win.




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