On Your Own

Seeing Renee Zellweger at the Oscars this year made me sad – she seemed rather out of it onstage (wasted? stoned? high on life and excessive amounts of cough syrup and Botox?), and I thought her once-cute face looked a right sad sight…it appears she has had some work done (mind you, she is part of the Hollywood scene, so…who hasn’t??!) – but, from the looks of it, the work was either done by Adrienne Maloof’s soon-to-be-ex-hubby Paul or some bargain doctor from the alleys of Tijuana because girlfriend looked ROUGH. That makes me sad, too – aging is a beautiful part of life, friend (and one hell of a lot better than the alternative of being dead), so embrace it and keep on being your cute self. Actors make their money from their faces and being expressive, usually (unless you are former actress Lindsay Lohan, then the world waits with bated breath to figure out how you make your money apart from whatever is happening betwixt you and Charlie Sheen) – you would think that they would endeavor to leave their damn faces alone. You would think. Do you hear that, Nicole Kidman with your large, Olympic skating rink-sized forehead that hasn’t moved since you were married to Tom Cruise? Stop the insanity!!!


I decided to re-watch one of her best movies ever this week, the incomparable “Bridget Jones’s Diary” – it’s still fabulous!! 🙂 Renee is absolutely delightful (Mr. Tits Pervert instead of Fitzherbert remains one of my favorite things to this day, which probably says more about me and my propensity for being juvenile than it does about anything else), and the story of her as the bumbling and awkward singleton trying to find love makes me laugh…while many of her exploits are ridiculous and over-the-top, Bridget is really not that different from a lot of us. We all just want to be loved, to be accepted for who we are, and to look crackin’ good in a short skirt over cocktails. Who doesn’t vom in their mouths a bit when in the company (either in person or over that bullshit festival that’s known as Facebook) of people who feel the need to ram their happy marriages/’perfect’ relationships down the throat of everyone they encounter (they’re trying to convince someone, don’t you think? Themselves, probably.)? Those people are nauseating. I figure that if you are happy – truly happy – then you don’t need anyone else’s approval or acknowledgement…and, by the way, the world will see it and notice anyway, so you just need to shut the hell up.

Journal De Bridget Jones Bridget Jones

I’m probably not that different from good ol’ Bridget (although I dearly wish I was as fat as she stupidly thinks she is) – I have been known to drink too much a time or two (thousand), my language can be somewhat colorful, and my mouth and lack of filter get my ass in trouble on the reg. However, just like Bridge is adorably goofy and loopy and lovable, I kinda hope I’m not so bad, either…I mean well, I don’t snore (I hope), and I’m not a night-farter (again, I hope), so…not so bad, right? 🙂 Besides, if you say that you wouldn’t DIE to have Hugh Grant and Colin Firth scrapping it out in the street over you – well, then, you’re a friggin’ liar liar pants on fire and we both know it, so….just hush. 😉

Word on the street (okay, online) says that there will be a third Bridget Jones book released by author Helen Fielding later this year, and that a third movie is also in the works – can’t wait! Hopefully we will get a chance to see Bridget in a somewhat new and more modern light, screwing things up adorably and trying to do her best but causing chaos wherever she goes (this could be the tale of me, come to think of it). I figure the advent of texting and Twitter and other social media ought to provide more than enough ammunition to keep Bridget in trouble! 🙂

What are your favorite movies to go back to again and again? 🙂



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