Night Moves

Everywhere you turn these days, people are talking about who is going to take over for Jay Leno when he steps down (again) from ‘The Tonight Show’ – at the moment, the frontrunner appears to be the lovely Jimmy Fallon, although some folks (like Tricia Romano at The Daily Beast) wish it was going to be Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t particularly care who it is going to be – I love Fallon and Kimmel, so I’m good either way. What I care about is that it WON’T be Jay Leno – hurray! 🙂

I have not watched ‘The Tonight Show’ once since Jay resumed hosting duties (and stole the show back from Conan O’Brien) – not once. I won’t even look at it as I flip through the channels knee-deep in yet another of my ADD-fueled channel surfing episodes. I found the whole debacle of him leaving the show, and then going back, to be one of the stupidest examples of vanity that I have EVER seen. I keep hearing from people that it wasn’t his fault, he had no choice, blah blah blah – guess what? You ALWAYS have a choice, especially when you are in a position like his. He could have done the right thing, said no, let Conan do his thing, and stayed the hell out of the way – instead, I believe that he acted like a weasel, and I hate that. It seemed that the rest of his late-night counterparts thought that Jay’s actions reeked of douchebaggery as well – I particularly loved Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance with Leno on the 10@10 sketch on ‘The Tonight Show’. It’s nigh impossible to find a video of this online (NBC took them all down, claiming copyright infringement, which smells like BS to me) – but here’s a few of Kimmel’s best lines from that infamous segment:

  • [Asked by Leno what the best prank he ever pulled was] “The best prank I ever pulled was I told a guy that—five years from now—I’m gonna give you my show. And then when the five years came, I gave it to him, and then I took it back almost instantly.”
  • [Asked by Leno if he ever orders anything off of the TV] “Like NBC ordered your show off the TV?”
  • [Asked by Leno what the record is for number of lap dances he’s received in one night] “Strippers, I don’t like in general. Because you have this phony relationship with them for money, similar to that of when you and Conan were on The Tonight Show together, passing the torch… you know what I’m saying.”
  • [Asked by Leno what he hasn’t yet hosted, but would like to] “Oh, this is a trick, right? Where you get me to host The Tonight Show and then take it back from me?”
  • [Asked why he came on to do the segment] “Listen, Jay, Conan and I have children—all you have to take care of is cars. I mean, we have lives to lead here. You’ve got $800 million, for God’s sakes—leave our shows alone.”

Heehee! I never tire of hearing people rip at Jay Leno – Howard Stern regularly takes a swing or two during his Sirius radio show, and he makes some really valid points. Regardless of who takes over for Jay, whether it’s Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Smits, or Jimmy Dean, I’m just super-excited about being able to watch the show again, and if one of my favorites (like Fallon and Kimmel) gets to be the host? Even better! 🙂 Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorites from these two:

1) Jimmy Kimmel – “Movie the Movie

2) Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) and Bruce Springsteen – “Whip My Hair

3) Jimmy Kimmel and Carrie Underwood – “Before You Freak

4) Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake – The History of Rap: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

5) Jimmy Fallon – Slow Jam The News With President Obama

6) Sarah Silverman (on Jimmy Kimmel) – I’m F*&!ing Matt Damon! and Jimmy’s response – I’m F*&!ing Ben Affleck!

7) Jimmy Kimmel – Handsome Men’s Club


I could go on and on with clips of my adoration of these two – they are SO FUNNY! And they seem to be good people – and not at all douchey! 🙂 Yaaa! 🙂 I can’t wait to see who takes over “The Tonight Show” – and I’m looking forward to getting to watch the program again. I don’t wish ill upon Jay Leno (I’m not at home wishing him boils on his most sensitive of spots or anything like that), but…I hope he enjoys his retirement! (and stays retired)

Happy Monday, friends! 🙂



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