Hold Me Now

I’ve written before of my absolute adoration of Lena Dunham and the HBO show “Girls” – I am well aware that I am not exactly their target audience (being 10+ years older than all of the characters), but there are themes represented in that show that are universal and real, regardless of your age. There has been tremendous debate about the show pretty much since it began – does it really represent reality for some young women? is Lena Dunham really the voice of her generation? if so, is that generation pretty much screwed? what about the rest of us? how do these spoiled, ridiculous, self-indulgent girls all find each other – is there a secret Bat-Symbol type of thing projected into the early night sky to guide them towards each other? and…what the hell is going on here?????! I can’t remember the last time that a TV show sparked such constant dialogue – it appears that people either LOVE “Girls” or loathe it…indifference has no place in this conversation. I fall into the former category – I love it for about a million reasons, a lot of which were represented in Sunday night’s season finale. Let’s review, shall we? 🙂

Shoshanna and Ray kind of broke my heart, but it totally had to happen. I am sort of like Shoshanna in some ways (and don’t even go guessing the whole ‘virgin’ thing, you smartasses…we all know better than that) – she is a girlie-girl, she believes in true love and probably farts rainbows and sparkles, and she wants to see the best in people. She – and a cynic like Ray (and oh, lordy, but he is cynical) – didn’t stand a chance, but it was still rather beautiful to watch. Ray was her first love, and he was somebody that she had to encounter in order to grow as a person – and we’ve all had those. When she said, “You hate everything! Seriously, you hate everything! You hate the sound of children playing and you hate all your living relatives and you hate people who wear sunglasses, even during the day, and you hate going to dinner, which you know I love, you hate colors, pillows, ribbons, you hate everything. I can’t be the only thing you like. And maybe I can deal with your black soul better when I’m older, but I can’t handle it now so maybe you have to go change and then we can be in love in another time.“…I was blown away. I have said words very similar to those to someone else in my life once upon a time, and the real-ness of what she said to him and how she felt just damn near knocked the wind out of me. It was a perfect scene – and her going to her favorite bar and making out with a Nordic-looking random to get over the whole situation is pretty much what I’d have done, too. 🙂 Perhaps Shoshanna has been my spirit animal all along! 😉


Okay, Marnie…Alison Williams must be one hell of an actress, because her character of Marnie has been annoying the ever-loving shit out of me this year! ARRGGHH!! The whole business of her shagging the gay ex of Hannah was just bitchy and spiteful, if you ask me – and, while I have enjoyed watching her flounder professionally after losing her job (not because I want to watch someone wallow in  misery, but because I like the real-ness of that storyline. I’ve been there, as have LOADS of us…it’s kind of nice to watch someone else besides me struggle to land on their feet), this whole bouncing around trying to find herself thing has been rather tedious. I had to giggle when she decided that she was going to pursue her love of singing – she sang a Norah Jones song to Ray (who told her that she sounded good)…I can sing that song and sound good, too! (and I’m not much of a singer, let me tell you!) The scene where she sang Kanye’s “Stronger” at Charlie’s work party was one of the most cringe-worthy things I have ever seen on television – my damn face was red and hot, for shit sakes! In reality, Alison Williams sings well (check out her version of “Hallelujah” ), but the raging pathetic-ness of that party scene was just something else. She and Charlie (who she dumped last season after she realized that she pretty much hated his guts and felt repulsed by him at all times) started bonking again, and they decided that they were going to get back together during Sunday night’s episode. I’m worried for Charlie – I wonder if she would be so keen to put her repulsion towards him aside if he hadn’t started making major money, but…perhaps that is something to be explored during Season 3. I also hope that they decide to have Marnie try to get her career on track, because I think that storyline could really have some legs. Hear that, Ms. Dunham??! Hire me to come and write it – I guarantee I would knock that shit out the park! 😉


Because this would NEVER happen. No; no way.

Jessa wasn’t in the season finale (I’m assuming that was because Jemima Kirke’s real life pregnancy), so the only one of our main girls left to discuss is Hannah…now, where shall I start??! Before we discuss the finale, let’s back up to one of the most talked about episodes of this entire series – the one entitled ‘One Man’s Trash’, which sees our beloved heroine Hannah hole up in a swanky house with a stud-puppet doctor (played by the dashing and divine Patrick Wilson) that she has just met, for a couple of days of vigorous bonking, naked ping-pong (as you do), and soul-baring talk. This episode caused a shit-storm of backlash, and you would rationally expect that the source of all the outrage would be Hannah meeting someone in passing and staying at his place for a couple of days, not answering texts or calls from her friends or letting anyone know where she was, right? I mean, come on! The safety concerns alone are enough to spark a national debate!! However, you would be dead wrong. What did people talk about in regards to this episode???! How a hottie like Patrick Wilson would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS shag someone who looked like Hannah. Excuse me?!??!! Are you kidding??!??! Pardon my language here, folks, but what the fuck is that??! Hot men get with lesser attractive women all the damn time (I’ve been in that situation – yaa me!), just like stunning women date regular-looking dudes all the damn time – the very fact that a ‘discrepancy’ between their attractiveness was even mentioned in the first place is enough to make me want to throw up, but when everybody and their damn dog chose to discuss it for days???! That was straight-up bullshit, friends. Take a look at this piece that was published on The Gloss (excerpted below):

There’s no way in hell you haven’t been privy to the fury, disgust, outrage, disbelief or, in some cases, delight and high-fives, over this past Sunday’s Girls episode. It’s virtually impossible not to have it in your face even if you don’t watch the show. The haters amped up the hate in the last few days, and left few unscathed.

How could a gorgeous man like Joshua (played by Patrick Wilson), possibly want to fuck, let alone spend a couple days with Lena Dunham‘s sometimes grating, and always self-involved, character Hannah? Shit. Did I just give something away? Well, like I said there’s no way in hell you can possibly be in the dark about this at this point, so I’m not apologizing. I’m not even sorry that I’m not sorry!

It’s unbelievable how invested people seem to be in what we saw on HBO a couple days ago. Every single person and their mother seems to have a take on the episode; it’s actually shocking.

On one end we have those who screamed at the TV, “Fuck yeah, Hannah! This is the best! This is how shit happens! THIS IS REAL LIFE!” That group was fun, cheerful and supportive. But then there were the others; the evil basement-dwelling trolls who weren’t buying what Dunham and crew were selling. It was that latter group that scoffed at the idea that a 42-year-old man who has looks, education and wealth in the bag would want to spend any time with Hannah. The critics on the subject were cruel and appalling, with many considering the episode some sort of dream sequence that was as far from the reality-based themes of the past episodes. It was, again, shocking that people could get so riled up about a TELEVISION SHOW, and really impressive that Dunham hit a major nerve with so many people.

It was also this group — the haters — that failed to see what was really going in episode five, which was appropriately titled “One Man’s Trash.” Simply put:  It was a very likely scenario between two emotionally fucked up people who needed each other desperately in that moment, and went for it thanks to a sexual attraction that doesn’t need to be explained or justified. You can see it in Joshua’s eyes, this utter intrigue, when Hannah admits to the bizarre thrill that comes with dispersing the trash from Cafe Grumpy in other garbage cans around the neighborhood. It’s an interesting lust for a foreign world; the same lust that, I imagine, propelled Hannah to kiss Joshua (look at this grown-up life!)… thus throwing the entire world out of balance and forcing all of us to reconsider what we know to be right and wrong.

So while the world guessed at exactly who the devastatingly handsome Patrick Wilson would fuck, with some of them guessing his wife’s identity wrong, there was a little voice of reason from the Twittersphere. When Twitter user @IreneDavies (who has since deleted the tweet) tweeted, “Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham,” she got herself one hell of a surprise response:

patrick wilson girls response

Who is Dagmara Dominczyk? Oh, just Wilson’s “size 10, muffin top & all” wife. Boom.

And what we have right there, my friends, is score for the curvy girls — in case anyone is keeping track. But seriously though, the ongoing controversy over Dunham’s looks and size aside, don’t we all need to take it down a notch on this topic? Isn’t it old by now?

First off, let’s all raise a glass mighty high and toast Patrick Wilson’s STUNNING real-life wife Dagmara Dominczyk, muffin top and all! Go on with yo’ bad self, girlfriend!! Woohoo!!!! 🙂 I think the world needs to shut the hell up about how attractive or unattractive someone is – when people have chemistry, that thing that can’t be put into words, then it matters not one stinking bit if they are ‘beautiful’ enough or conventional enough in their appearance to measure up to society’s standards. Screw that noise. And three huge friggin’ cheers for Lena Dunham – first, for being brave enough to ‘go there’ with her show, and secondly, for handling the backlash about her appearance specifically with so much grace. If the entire world was calling me out for my ugly face and fat ass, I highly doubt I would be so graceful. LOVE her! (and I’m currently collecting supplies from Home Depot to build a shrine in honor of Patrick Wilson and Dagmara Dominczyk in my yard – those two are AWESOME! 🙂 )


Girls Finale Recap: Guys to the Rescue

Through the last couple of episodes, our lovely Hannah has had a meltdown of sorts – turns out that she has some pretty significant Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder issues, and they have been taking over her life. She has pulled back from her friendships, holing up in her apartment to basically torment the shit out of herself as she tries to write her book…without losing her already-tenuous grip on reality. This portrayal rang really true for me – I’m not as over the top about it as Hannah is, but I have a strange obsession with counting things…I do it all the damn time. My rules are that things HAVE to end on an even number, and if that number could me a multiple of 8 or 12, I would like it best. I’m aware of how stupid and ridiculous this sounds, but I don’t care – it is what it is, I am what I am. My counting doesn’t impinge upon my life at all, it mostly gives me something to do…and I do it A LOT. Pretty much all the time. Whatever. I can also relate to Hannah hiding out in her apartment – I set up shop at my house all the time and don’t leave…I will not answer my phone if someone calls, and I, too, have been known to stand mighty still and pretend that I am out when someone has come to the door. I know that this makes me rather shitty, but there are many days when I just don’t want to face the world, when I don’t want to talk to anyone or exchange pleasantries. Truth be told, I think the world ought to thank me for hiding out – on days when I feel like that, nothing good is bound to come out of me anyway, so…perhaps I am doing the world a service???! At the end of Sunday’s episode, when Hannah has pretty much bottomed-out, when she’s not writing, she has cut herself off from her friends, she punctured her own ear drum (that made me go nuts last week – I hate earaches!), and she is a Cool Whip-eating mess…she reaches out to Adam, of all people. While their relationship has redefined dysfunctional, Adam drops everything (and he doesn’t even put a shirt on – thanks for writing it that way, Lena 🙂 ) and RUNS straight to Hannah’s apartment to rescue her from herself. He kicks in the door after she won’t open it (because she’s too embarrassed), scoops her into his arms and just cuddles her…and I melted into a puddle on the floor. First, how nice to be tiny enough that a big strong man could pick you up like that? The only dude who could hoist my arse would sadly be some sort of giant or Ukrainian power lifter. Oh well…I’m cute, so we’ll let the width of my arse slide for today. Second, the fact that Adam – in his own highly messed-up way – bolted to be with her and help her when she needed it most? That just kills me, friends….kills me. Love that. I don’t know where they will go with this next year, but I sure can’t wait to find out! 🙂 And yes, the scene was rather over-the-top in a rom-com kind of way, but…so what???! Isn’t a bit of romantic escapism a beautiful thing every now and then? I think so, too. 🙂

I don’t know if you’re a “Girls” watcher or not, but…I do think there are SO many great things going on with this show – I plan to watch all of this season’s episodes again, just for the pure joy of it all. 🙂

Thanks Lena. 🙂




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