Did I Shave My Legs For This?


I have visited BJ’s Brewhouse here in San Antonio dozens of times – I usually go to the one located at Culebra and 1604 (Alamo Ranch area), but I have been known to stop at one of the others from time to time. I have found that the beer, food, and service have been consistently wonderful, and I’ve always really enjoyed my outings there. However, all of that changed recently…and I am bummed.

Recently, I met up with a friend from work, his lovely wife, and one of their BFFs (who also happens to work at my school) for drinks at BJ’s. They had been to a BBQ Cook Off event – I was tied up during the day and wasn’t able to join them, but we made plans to meet up afterwards at BJ’s for some beer and a visit. They were already there when I arrived, and they were on their first drink. I waited and waited and WAITED for the server to come by (and in the meantime, I drank my friend’s water – oops), and finally was able to order a drink after about 15 minutes. It took FOREVER to get my drink – and in the meantime, everyone else had drained theirs and was ready for a refill. We ended up ordering another round (I asked for more water, since I had consumed most of everyone’s at the table) – and we waited again. We waited for 20 minutes – nothing. No water. No beer. No kick in the arse. Nada. I was pretty disgusted, but my friend was PISSED. He ended up speaking with the manager on duty, explained the situation and how long we had been waiting….now, you would think that the manager would have rectified this situation immediately, made it difficult for us to sit down due to his head being so far up our arses, and we’d have received not only complimentary drinks but some appetizers, right? You’d be wrong. None of this happened. We waited an additional 15 minutes, the server was wandering around, the manager was looking around, strolling through the place as if he were meandering through the freakin’ woods looking for rare botanical samples and small, furry woodland creatures to befriend. There was no sense of urgency, there was no attempt to make things right – there was absolutely bugger all. I couldn’t believe it. We ended up leaving the restaurant, after my friend explained to the manager that we were going to go since we couldn’t get served – I didn’t hear that conversation, so I really have no idea what the response was, but…he didn’t make any attempts to persuade us to stay, so I guess he didn’t really give a damn. It was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in terms of service (and I used to live in England and visited France a lot, so…I know crappy service). Disgusting. I can honestly say that I will NOT be going back there anytime soon – which is unfortunate, since I’ve been a pretty regular customer of theirs over the years. The funniest part is that the four of us were not drunken frat kids, or majorly intoxicated and demanding arseholes…we were four completely normal people, well past our drunken younger days – there was simply no reason for this treatment. Stupid.


We ended up leaving there and moseying over to a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings, where I’m happy to report that we had a MUCH better time! The beer was good (and Stephanie, our awesome server, kept it a-coming!), we played bar trivia (woohoo!!), and we had an excellent time! (I shouldn’t be so presumptuous to speak for everyone else, but…I had a great time – probably too great judging by how much beer I consumed. Oops.) 🙂 It ended up being such a great day, despite the stupidity at BJ’s…you know, it’s funny – I’m not one to complain about things, especially service, because I usually just figure that there are reasons for bad service, people may be having a bad day, etc etc etc…everybody has their story. However, I’m so annoyed about the shit-show at BJ’s yesterday, and the blatant disrespect they showed my friend – despite the fact that he spoke with them nicely to express our concerns, that I may actually contact the district/area manager to gripe about this one. Ridiculous. You know that I must be pissed! I don’t care how lovely that Seasonal Pumpkin Ale or Pizookie is, BJ’s is OFF my radar. Grr.

In other news, I attempted to learn the basics of chess this same day. After drinking many beers. Not my finest moment, I’m afraid…Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand is safe. 😉 Did you know that the horsey pieces aren’t actually called horsey pieces? They are called Knights. I like that. 🙂

See? I did learn something. 🙂




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