Can’t Buy Me Love

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed if you’ve been in any stores recently, Valentine’s Day is a-coming, and the retailers are out in full force taking advantage of the love (and money!) that’s in the air! 🙂 I noticed that the Valentine’s loot went up in some of my local stores on December 26th (no kidding – my Christmas hangover wasn’t even over yet!)…it gets earlier and earlier every year, don’t you think??! 🙂 Anyway…in order to make your shopping for your sweet baboo as easy as possible, I’ve assembled my annual Valentine’s Gift Guide to get you through the next month full of love! 🙂 Are you ready? 🙂

1) Marc by Marc Jacobs Earrings:

There are a couple of really awesome pairs of earrings in the Marc by Marc Jacobs line – my favorites are:

The heart ones are called ‘L’amour Fou’ (Crazy Love, which delights me!), and the bows are ‘Mixed UP Gems Bow Stud’ (currently on sale at Piperlime for $33.99 – bargain! 🙂 ) – I think they are both really pretty, and they make me happy. 🙂


2) Tiffany Earrings:

I am a Tiffany girl…if you’re a regular reader of Pretty Thing, you will undoubtedly know this! Here are a couple of pairs of fab earrings from Tiffany that will win you tons of favor this Valentine’s Day:


The top pair are Elsa Peretti Open Hearts – they are really pretty, and very Valentine-y, don’t you think? 🙂 The bottom pair are awesome – again, Elsa Peretti – these ones are beans, and I’m not sure why but I think they are awesome and adorable! 🙂 Kind of makes me think…’I’ve bean thinking about you’ – heehee! 😉


3) Cupa-Vino Wineglass Set:

I love these – they look kind of simple and off-kilter…which is a perfect descriptor of moi! 😉 Aren’t they lovely? 🙂

The purpose of these glasses is to aerate the wine and develop aromas and bouquets (which I know you understand perfectly, smart friend!)…making these the perfect glasses for wine tastings and parties! 🙂 Plus, I just think they’re cool as hell, don’t you? 🙂

Here’s a related idea – the Cubist Martini set, which allows you to place your glass on ice in between sips, keeping it perfectly chilled all the way through your drink! 🙂 Divine! 🙂


4) Watch:

If you’ve got some cash in your pocket, ladies, you will not go wrong investing in this Frederique Constant Men’s watch for the sweetheart in your life – it is absolutely STUNNING (and it has Roman numerals! Yaa!):

I think it is SO gorgeous, and it’s on a great sale at Amazon at the moment – check it out! 🙂


5) A Class:

I love this idea SO MUCH! 🙂 Why not treat your Shmoopie to a dance class that you could do together? Or a couple of cooking classes at your local Sur la Table? I am always in love with learning (damn good thing, too, since I am a career educator), and the idea of learning something new that is just for you and your lovah-lovah??! That’s AWESOME!!!! 🙂

Whatever you decide to get/do for your honey-bunny on Valentine’s Day this year, I hope you do it with a heart full of love 🙂 Je vous aime, mes amis! 🙂




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